Using Windows Server 2008 as a SUPER workstation OS … Cont’d

This is a continuation of my previous post  Using Windows Server 2008 as a SUPER workstation OS

Here are a couple of things I missed in my previous post

11. Processor Scheduling

As pointed out in a comment on my previous post; On Windows Server 2008 background services are given preference over interactive programs. You can change this behavior by

Control Panel > System and Maintenance > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Performance > Settings > Advanced > Processor Scheduling

Setting this to Programs will make foreground programs more responsive.

12. Visual Effects

One thing you will notice on Windows Server 2008 is that by default you will not see Preview Thumbnails in your Documents / Music / Video folders. This has to be enabled explicitly.

Control Panel > System and Maintenance > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Performance > Settings > Visual Effects

Based on your preference you can tweak these settings.

13. Power Options

Do your bit for a Green World! The Balanced (default) power plan on Windows Server 2008  does not turn off hard disks by default. On Vista hard disks are turned off after 20 mins. You can change this by

Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Change plan settings

It does take a bit to kick start the hard disks when you resume work but that's a sacrifice worth making for a greener world :).

14. IE Enhanced Security 

IE Enhanced Security Configuration has been moved from Add Remove Windows Components (on Windows 2003) to the Server Manager on Windows Server 2008.

Server Manager > Security Information > Configure IE ESC

You now have a choice to disable it only for Administrators. 

And to end with a couple of clarifications

* Why am I recommending Windows Server 2008 over Windows Vista ?

I am not!

* How to get Sidebar / Media center on Windows Server 2008?

My honest opinion would be to look for alternatives.

* Will hardware problems go away moving to Windows Server 2008?

Not likely. One of the biggest complaints against Vista was hardware issues. Without proper  drivers from your hardware vendors your ride on Windows Server 2008 is again going to be bumpy. For me all Vista compatible drivers worked fine with Server 2008 and I believe they should work for you as well.

* Will all software work on Windows Server 2008?

Most will but some setups detect Windows Server 2008 as a server OS and may not install. The compatibility mode does not have a Vista option only XP / Windows 2003 and other legacy OS.

[Update 2012] Windows 8 is the Super workstation OS I had been waiting for

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Comments (80)
  1. says:

    Nice article.

    I can confirm, I use Windows 2008 Server x64 sice first day it was RTM’ed and it rocks, the most stable & fast OS from MS I’ve ever seen.

    I use it for development (VS.NET, MS SQL Server) and running without any problems now (the only thing I noticed was Skype due to problems with x64 RTM version of WS).

  2. danny says:

    Hey great article.  

    Granted, you are not recommending win2k8 server over vista, but the question is still the same.  You as a professional, and like most of the people reading these posts, which setup do you think is best?  Which one is best suited for you when addressing issues like responsiveness, security, stability.  win2k8 Server or vista ?

  3. Reggie says:

    Any advice on being able to play back dvr-ms recorded files on win2k8?  I have media center 2005 on a separate box and like to watch recordings in media player under Vista.  This doesn’t seem to work for win2k8.

  4. Vit3D says:

    A lot of thanks for info.

    This OS really good and only problem I got it’s Data Execution Prevention compatibility. I know how disable it for OS with ntldr, but unfortunatly have no idea how it can be done on Vista-like OS. Maybe someone can describe how to do it?

  5. msavazzi says:

    the first one who succeds in installing MCE on 2008 please let us know!


  6. daveb says:

    MCE on Server 2008!!  is this possible??

  7. Actually I've been 2008'ed for quite a while now, but only recently fully 2008'rtm'd

  8. Actually I've been 2008'ed for quite a while now, but only recently fully 2008'rtm'd

  9. Actually I've been 2008'ed for quite a while now, but only recently fully 2008'rtm'd

  10. wenel says:

    Info about sidebar:

    I found in recent builds of Windows Server 2008 folder named "Windows Sidebar" in Program Files and I was able to run it smoothly 🙂

  11. Great posts! I have moved fully to 2008 for development – really the only choice for SharePoint – and now I don’t suffer Vista Envy! 😉

  12. Adam says:

    Thanks a lot for this post, followed it and my Thinkpad t61 is now playing very nicely with server 2008.

    But i have one issue left, the ‘offline files’ function. I found the services called ‘offline files’, but I’m not able to enable it. Anybody have a clue what i need to make this work.

    Please help!

  13. Andrea says:

    I have succesfully installed Sidebar on W2k8.

    1) Just copy "c:Program FilesWindows Sidebar" folder from a Windows Vista machine.

    2) Run from console: "sidebar.exe /RegServer"

    (these are the all options you have: sidebar.exe /autoRun /AX /CPL /detectMem /showgadgets /uninstallgadgets /RegServer /UnregServer)



  14. Kevin says:

    For me , the major obstacle to running Windows Server 2008 would be the compatibility of the applications I use on a regular basis. Add to that the lack of drivers and I’ll say people should wait a year before starting this kind of project.

  15. Dominik says:

    one question: how to get superfetch to work under server 2008? everytime i try to start that service it wouldn’t work but it tells me "os not configured to run this service" or something like that… what’s that about? plus i can’t even get an ordinary windows xp setup to run in hyper-v … text setup always stops when loading acpi drivers…

  16. pete says:

    does anyone has a problem with running skype on win2k8? Installed without any problems but when i try to cennect, got an eRRor

    someone got simmilar problem or it’s .. just me 🙂

  17. Vista was driving me crazy with its unresponsiveness despite only being freshly installed (again) for 7days.  48hours in with Win2008 on my Latitude D620 and it flies!!

    So far the only thing I’ve not got working is the bluetooth (drivers only half install) and Live Messenger won’t install (had to revert to v8.1)

  18. XXL says:

    how about games on a server 2008?

  19. John Quigley says:

    I have installed this on several machines, and love it.  My only issue is no CD/DVD burner support.   Software doesn’t find the burner.  has anyone found a fix?

  20. cyn says:

    Games work great. You might need to run the DirectX websetup to get missing Dx9 compoments, but most games work really nice. Sometimes you need to disable the desktop design (Diablo series).

    So far the only thing I am missing is proper BDA driver support for running TV cards. All apps I tried fail with the BuildGraph() or Connect() functions of the drivers.

    Vistas Media Center wont run here (none of the .exes do anything)

    However I am not sure if there are any real advantages over a Vista SP1 system for a personal/home user (except for the coolness factor, of course)…

  21. CW says:

    Seriously great work with 2008. It’s a far more pleasant experience that Vista and frankly much quicker and responsive.

    Why not put out a workstation version of this and ditch Vista Ultimate?

  22. emberger says:

    In addition, you can ru Aero, see my blog.

  23. Alex says:

    I have a test system with Win 2k8 and it’s working quite well, but media center functionality would transfer Win2k8 in a Vist Super Duper Ultimate Version 😉

  24. Echilon says:

    Thanks for the info. If/when they release server 2008 on MSDNAA, I’ll try this out.

  25. Nisavi says:


    Any idea if Tablet PC functionality works or could be enable on this?


  26. the only thing I did NOT get to work is the luetooth adapter in my laptop. I used that one under Vista to connect my Mouse to, now I have to use the dongle that came with the mouse. it is one action more, not too bad. but I hate a question mark in my device manager… Icannot stop in in the bios though, because I change harddisks once in a while to use either vista or XP to work from for various reasons.

  27. Greg says:

    CD/DVD data burning on 2008.

    Insert blank disk

    run cmd prompt as administrator

    format <drive> /fs:udf

    Drag and drop.

    Manually eject when done.

  28. Roger Truss says:

    I just converted my laptop to Workstation 2008 and LOVE it!  The only thing now working now is ThinkVantage Access connections and the default Vista games.  I need my mahjong!

  29. Roger Truss says:

    Sorry, can;t type on Mondays.  The post should have read the onyl things NOT working….

  30. kwood129 says:

    Has anyone been able to get dreamscene to work right?  I have it installed but for some reason I can’t get .mpeg files to play right.  I have tried two different codec packs and I have tried and it plays DVD’s just fine.  At first it was because of video drivers so I was able to get them loaded.  Now I choose a dreamscene and it does nothing.  I try to play the dreamscenes in media player and it says the codecs aren’t installed.  Do I need to do an update on directx as well?  I’m pretty sure that the vista codec pack should support the mpeg but I wanted to make sure.

  31. ikyouCrow says:

    dude, if Pshop CS3 and Lightroom 1.3 install and run without issues, this is so the OS for my soho desktop!

    i’ll still keep Vista for my media center and gaming.

  32. ikyouCrow says:

    @kwood129: sounds like maybe you need a different MPEG2 codec for Dreamscene to work properly with the MPEGs you’re using. those MPEGs would be in MPEG2 format, so….

  33. It took me months to convince my manager that I need a new laptop. Then it took me a few more to convince

  34. Heath Provost says:

    Getting Offline files to work in 2k8:

    1. By default, 2k8 does not seem to create the C:WindowsCSC folder, but all the other needed components are installed. If you do not have this folder, just create it manually before proceeding further.

    2. Create/edit the following registry keys:

    Key: KLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesCscServiceStart

    Type: REG_DWORD

    Value: 2

    Key: KLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesCSCStart

    Type: REG_DWORD

    Value: 1

    Key: KLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesCSCParametersFormatDatabase

    Type: REG_DWORD

    Value: 1

    Key: KLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesCSCParametersCacheLocation

    Type: REG_SZ

    Value: ??c:Windowscsc (yes, with the weird looking question mark stuff)

    Note: The Parameters key above may not exist, you will have to create it if it doesn’t.

    3. Reboot and offline files should be functional.

  35. rob towne says:

    I tried to install a VX-3000 lifecam from MS on my WIndows 2008 enterprise (non hyperv) x86 installation – i get the following error:

    "Setup cannot continue because either there is insufficient free hard disk space or an unexpected error has occurred.  please free the neccesary disk space, and run Setup again.  For system requirements refer to the product packaging."

    this is frustrating.  it seems more and more MS products are incompatible with each other.  It has the same kernal as Vista – why not let the same devices work across the different OS’s!

  36. shahed says:


    can somebody please help me with my tv tuner. it installs the drivers but it cannot load the tv tuner in any programs, it works like a charm on crappy vista

    please help

  37. shahed says:

    can somebody please help me with my tv tuner. it installs the drivers but it cannot load the tv tuner in any programs, it works like a charm on crappy vista

    please help

    thank you

  38. 漢なら Windows Server 2008 をワークステーション OS にしなよ!

  39. 漢なら Windows Server 2008 をワークステーション OS にしなよ!

  40. Johnson Wu says:

    I’ve been running it for a week in "evaluation mode" on my $599 Gateway notebook (upgraded from 2 to 4 GB for $99) and I am VERY IMPRESSED. Is it a total replacement for Vista? No.

    One Sad thing: None of the Windows Live components will install on a Server — only Vista and XP. Since I am a Live Messenger junkie, this is a problem for me.

  41. zolee001 says:

    Don’t use WL installer, use manually download of Windows Live  messenger. (e.g.  )

  42. Ryan Lence says:

    I have been going through this process on a Dell D630 with 2.2 core 2, and 4 GB of RAM trying to run Windows 2008 Ent x64 hyper – v,

    I must say that everything works very fast, even faster than running the same laptop with vista x64 sp1.  Many of the drivers installed in less than 1/2 the time.  

    The only single issue for me that might fource me back to vista x64 sp1, is the fact that I cannot seem to get power management to work with the hyper – v enabled.  

    I have even tried to stop the services that make up the hyper – v, and can still not get my laptop to stand-by.

    Does anyone have a work around for this issue?  

  43. m.sakhaii says:

    hey,come on server 2008 is fast and slick because all that crap about sidebar,dreamscene and whatnot is not on it,you are ruining your nice experience once again or YOU SHOULD CHOOSE BETWEEN PERFORMANCE AND ALL THAT CRAP.

  44. OldSchoolComps says:

    i know lots of drivers arnt out for server 2k8.  does anyone have a force install program?

    its not recommended but i’m tired of my dell optiplex gx 270 and soundblaster live! ct4870  not to having sound

  45. Bruce says:

    Brilliant article. Cannot believe how fast it flies now.

    Readyboost not working? Cannot seem to find any straight forward way to get it working. First I had to get the SD card to work. Can’t seem to find the readyboost settings?


  46. Eric says:

    Logitech setpoint does not work with x64 builds, some people say the old 3.10 works, but any install prior to 4.00 causes continual blue-screens upon reboot (although it works great until then).

  47. Jake says:

    I’ve installed w2k8 on two machines – my desktop and laptop. Works AMAZINGLY well! FAR better experience than vista.

    For those who are having issues w/ windows live apps, the beta 2 of Messenger 9 works fine. (see the link soemone posted above). I also was able to get Messenger 8.5 working, but had to hack the installer to fool it in to thinking it was running on a workstation OS. Once I did that, it installed fine.

  48. DJ Shotty says:

    Hi everyone. After having nothing but hassles with Ultimate X64, I was sceptical about putting 2k8 on.  How wrong I was!  Now I’ve got 90% of things running (like Aero, Audio/Video experience etc. I’m pretty happy.  Only prob is, I’m chasing the Vista64 games pack (Solitaire, Purble Place, Chess, etc.) due to my love of playing Solitaire while apps are working.  Hoping for help soon.

  49. boe says:

    Thanks for the article – I found this after I installed Win2k8 and found a lot of the same issues.

    My current outstanding issues in getting Win2k8 to do everything I would like to do  –

    1 Figure out how to get windows live mail working (windows mail says it doesn’t support http mail – windows live mail says it won’t install on WIndows server) – I have outlook but prefer to keep my e-mail account with my newsgroup reader open as a seperate item as I have many e-mail acounts and two outlook profiles that I switch between while I had been using outlook express on XP.

    2 Figure out how to customize my ie toolbar – I had done this on previous version of windows by adding registry entries and keeping a folder for the icons – e.g.  

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftInternet ExplorerExtensions{D7ED695D-4CA4-440d-B1CC-037F28765EBD}]

    "Default Visible"="Yes"






  50. boe says:

    I figured out the issue with the iebuttons –  That registry trick still works – but since x64 has two version of IE7- and by default it puts the shortcut for IE7 32 bit on the desktop, I forgot to check if it made those shortcuts in IE7 x64 – which it does!

    Only problem – still no flash player for IE64

  51. boe says:

    If anyone makes any progress on moving the media center stuff from Vista ultimate to Win2k8 as well as the animated background wallpapers I would be interested – THANKS

  52. 0gn3m says:

    Could really be nice for the overall experience to have windows media plugin for IE or firefox installed on server 2008 but the installer just says, doesnt work on server OS

    any ideas?

  53. boe says:

    Has anyone found any good forums on W2k8 workstation?   This one is laid out very well but I’m guessing not a lot of people have tested Windows 2008 workstation yet.

  54. vadim says:

    Windows Media Player (11 or any other) will not install on my WS2008 64bit. Some web sites will refuse to stream as result. That is not nice 🙂

  55. Peter says:

    So, where do I sign the petition to ask MS to release a Workstation edition of Windows Server 2008 Web Edition?The only thing they need to change is the title and the licensing (don’t use it in production as a server) and sell it for the same price as Vista Business… C’mon, not everybody has MSDN subscription.

  56. Arek says:

    ReadyBoost on W2k8 ? any ideas?

  57. just_me says:

    As an answer to vadim: Windows Media Player WORKS perfect on Windows 2008 x64. And is far better than what runs on Windows XP. I can watch divx movies and dvds without any problem. Also Creative Audigy Fx works perfect on Windows 2008, but the installation was a little bit tricky.

    Actually all my programs work perfect on Windows 2008 x64, including Skype.

  58. Seriously, what is the difference?  Nothing… you can remove any of the x64 features from Vista.  I don’t see a difference, they’re the same kernel.  The risk and issues I had with 2k8 far outweigh the benefits, uhm if there are any.  You guys are friggin hype-to-the-max.

  59. Glenn Block says:

    Thanks for the post. It was very helpful.

  60. Greg K. says:

    To those who are wondering the difference… this is not my personal conclusion, it is a loose citation of what I saw elsewhere, but WS08 is missing DRM! (Digital Rights Management) This makes it both FAR faster and FAR more stable. It also renders it pretty useless to those, who (like me) are trying to get media functionality out of their server. I thought WS08 was the end to all of my troubles when I was trying to build a home-based Web/Application/Streaming server and put it into an HTPC box, so when not under heavy use it could function as my media PC and gaming rig. Fine tuned the hardware components, installed all the soft.. and was VERY happy when not only everything worked great and fast, but I even got all the workstation perks thanks to this article and couple others. Then "whooops"es started happening: Can’t install MCE, can’t use as PVR (found a hack to port and install BDE, just recently, so I MIGHT be able to finally get the digital TV Tuner to work), can’t port Games, the Marine Aquarium screensaver has some weird DX bug and half-the-time draws fish fins without the fish itself, my DVD movies won’t play (though I’m sure that can be fixed as someone stated they had it working). Frankly, the speed and reliability gain are greatly appreciated, but I might be missing my DRM-powered features more than I thought I would. So it might be back to regular Vista. If I get it working under WS08, it’d make it just as slow and crash-prone, and I’d still have many incompatibilities.

    So my final verdict FWIW, WS08 makes a great WORKstation. If you’re planning to use it for development, streaming, MS Office even… it will pay for itself in security, manageability, stability and reduced frustration time and again.  But if you want even a smidge of media and gaming, you would probably be better off going with Vista.

    Having said that, I had no trouble running Orange Box (Team Fortress 2) on WS08. Purrs like a kitten at all the highest settings. HD DivX movies were actually worse in performance than on my Vista machine, but that could be due to a CPU with lesser L2 cache (E2180@3Ghz vs E4500@3.2Ghz) and less system mem (2Gb@800Mhz vs 4Gb@800Mhz). I’ve since OC’ed the box a little differently, and the DivX movies run great. Even 1080p at full screen (non-anamorphic). But that’s a different discussion. P.S.: I use a combination of Cole2K and CCCP codec packs on WS08 to get all the media to work. Now if only my DVD’s would play.

  61. Chris says:

    It works very fast! I’ve never seen a better OS before. I’d like to write more about it but my English is too bad 😉


    Win Server 08 läuft sehr schnell und arbeitet wunderbar. Bei XP SP 2 hatte ich eine CPU-Auslastung von 4-8 %, wenn keine Programme liefen. Bei Windows Server 2008 jedoch nur 0-3%!  

    Mein Computer:

    Intel P4, 3,00 Ghz

    1024 MB DDR1 RAM


  62. Smöråkning says:

    Well, this is going to be interesting. I&#39;ve spent the day installing Windows Server 2008 on my brand

  63. ttxn says:

    no one mentioned antivirus / anti-spyware

    is NAV corp. 10.x and Webroot 5.x working?

    I use ubuntu 8.04 on my dell D630 but switch to 2k8 64 bit lately – only concern is virus/spyware…

  64. One of the challenges of developing in the Software + Services/SOA world we now live in is creating a

  65. Spineless says:

    What is the best edition of WS2K8 to stat with? Standard, Web, non-Hyper-V? I would intuitively think I would want to start off with the lightest weight version (web), but if that’s not a good solution, what is?

    Does it even matter?

  66. rtlinux says:

    I have used Std but now am using Enterprise and it is working great!

  67. Rich G says:

    Outstanding, I have it setup exactly as my XP install, games and all. Only issue was anti-viruses.I have symantec 10.1, no joj, needs 2.0 or better. I’m using avast server free for 60 days for now. After some tweaking, way less than I had to do with vista it flys.


    P5K premium

    4 GB DDR2


  68. rtlinux says:

    Games? Which games?  The same games hat come with Vista?

  69. @John Quigley:

    You need to run your burner program as an administrator. (Right-click the icon and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.)

  70. RickH925 says:

    I also would like to get the games off of my Vista 64 Ultimate Edition desktop onto my Win2k8 laptop for use on the road.

  71. Draak13 says:

    There have been some claims here that I bought into at first, namely, "Windows 2008 runs faster than windows vista." But…go to and search around at the results. It takes a LOT of digging, and unfortunately some generalization, but you can find the answer.

    The author originally stated that he used windows 2003 in place of XP. It was "disguised" as XP, so it likely wasn’t for the interface. The claim was that the efficiency of the system was better. The same claims have been made in this article in comparison to windows 2008 vs. Vista.

    While there are not actually any worthwhile published benchmark results of server 2008, there are MANY results from 2003 available at After comparing many different alike systems, with similar compiler versions and hard disk speeds, you can rather well conclude that systems benchmarked with XP pro X64 or Server 2003 run at about the same speed. There may have been a slight difference when it comes to integer math, but floating point was not perceptibly different.

    There is a smaller but also worthwhile pool of results from vista, and honestly…the floating point results are quite comparable between XP64, Server 2003, and Vista. I didn’t very strongly analyze the integer math, since I’m not as interested in integer performance (my simulations use mostly floating point math).

    There aren’t enough results to compare against vista SP1, so I can’t really say anything about that.

    The majority of the results are from SUSE linux, and this flavor of linux very consistently runs the fastest. There is a small pool of RedHat linux, and interestingly, RedHat runs about as fast as the windows systems.

    Please keep in mind that the benchmarks are PROFESSIONAL quality benchmarks, where it’s people’s full time job to ensure that the results are truly representative and comparable among systems, whereas most of the other benchmarks posted do not have this guarantee. I have seen one other impressive benchmark (which I don’t have the link to right now, but was posted in this forum) done across Vista 64 & 32, server 2008 64 & 32, XP 64 & 32, and 2003 64 & 32 using some other benchmarking suite, and it was quite suprisingly thorough. This benchmark quite adequately shows what I have claimed here (and likely more accurately, since there is no generalization required in his benchmark).

  72. Draak13 says:

    I forgot to mention that, all that previously said, it likely is the case that this OS seems "snappier" because it has less background junk (which some of you seem to be installing back anyway), and thus cut back on resources, speeding things up, etc…

    The way that I have dealt with this slowdown is to eliminate my paging file. I use vista 64, and ram is cheap these days; The great thing about a 64 bit system is that it can actually see all 8 gigs of ram that I have. After 8 gigs of this stuff, you can delete your paging file, and enjoy the same "snappiness" that you would otherwise get from using this windows 2008 workstation approach, with less compatability issues and all of the extra junk that we all seem to enjoy (but complain about).

  73. isama says:

    i’m a linux user but i still have xp on a tiny partition on my hard drive, but i’ve just installed WS08 in virtalbox, and I am almost ashamed to say i like it! 🙂

  74. Dave Gilmore says:

    Thanks for a great artice

    Just made the switch myself! Working just nicely after I managed to get the wireless nic working!



  75. Так как руки уже чешутся поставить Windows 7, решил пока не поздно рассказать как ставил себе Windows

  76. scotty says:

    Do anyone have any information about battlefield 2 on server 2008? No go so far.,,

  77. J,Kool says:

    It totally rocks, I am using W2k8/X64 Datacenter (believe it or not, but that was the only version that actually did not crash during setup on a 4GB HP 8710p laptop). I am an IT consultant, constantly running from client LAN to client LAN. I am amazed by the portable support of W2K8, wireless, dual screen, hibernate and move from LAN to LAN. The only time it needs to restart is after the damn updates. But for the rest, It’s fast, reliable and runs everything that I need from day to day. Office, SQL server2008, Outlook, VI client. For the few apps that I don’t trust on W2k8, just because they pollute the OS too much (like Cisco VPN Client, and some proprietary HP Presales tools) I have a small Windows XP VM running in VMware server 2.0. But in general, W2k8 is the BEST windows OS I’ve seen so far.

    — Jeroen

  78. A.R. says:

    Just a comment, Vista and w2k8 does not share the same kernel.

    w2k8 starts from Vista kernel, that’s it.

  79. Evaldo says:

    I use win2k8 x64 and it works fine. To me it seems obvious once there are concurrents like rh, suse and oracle linux, unlike about home oses. Only problem using win2k8 as ws are programs that doesn´t believe servers can exist, like home printers manager, cell phone managers and other like that …

  80. Lars Karlsson says:

    Hi all. I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 on which I installed Windows 7 sometime in november. This week, the but 4 months old harddrive crashed completely. Started sounding really nasty, so definitely mechanical failure. Anyway, all though I liked Windows 7 for the most part, it refused to stay online any lengthier periods of time, before the heavily discussed networking problems set in and made a reboot necessary.

    So, when now back at square one, with a fresh, new hdd, I decided to try W2k8 server. I have an MSDNAA-account, so what the heck, just to go on installing.. I have worked professionally with IT, so had no problems finding the tweaks to transform it to a workstation. I must say, it rocks!! I am a firm supporter of the philosophy, that it’s better to start with a minimalistic setup, and only install and/or activate services and stuff like that IF and WHEN the need for them becomes clear.

    One thing struck me. Since the boneheads at dell don’t release drivers for their computers for os’es other than the ones they actually have sold with each respective model (users wanting to keep their computers for long and upgrade them obviously doesn’t exist in their minds), I’ve pieced together drivers from the manufacturers of the respective hardware. I did so when installing Windows 7 as well as W2k8, but with one exception. With W7 I used the XP-driver that came with the TrueMobile 350 bluetooth module. That worked, but with W2k8 things were a bit different. It installed, yes, but when I tried to start the app that comes with it, W2k8 refused and told me that it has known compatibility issues. However it also offered to search for a solution online, a search which actually gave result, in the form of redirection to Toshiba’s download-page. I downloaded the Vista-driver it had found there, installed that and now it works fine.

    My suspision is that W7 should have done the same, since that version of Windows is even newer and further away from XP than Vista/W2k8. It seems possible that the old XP bluetooth driver might perhaps have been the root of the networking problem I experienced with W7, but for now I will stick to W2k8 🙂 I don’t need any media center or that sort of features, so… And as someone pointed out, it’s cool 🙂

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