List all the statements in the Plan Cache along with the counts and CPU usage

SELECT t. AS [Adhoc Batch or Object Call],

SUBSTRING(t., (qs.[statement_start_offset]/2) + 1,

((CASE qs.[statement_end_offset]

WHEN -1 THEN DATALENGTH(t.) ELSE qs.[statement_end_offset] END

- qs.[statement_start_offset])/2) + 1) AS [Executed Statement]

, qs.[execution_count] AS [Counts]

, qs.[total_worker_time] AS [Total Worker Time], (qs.[total_worker_time] /

qs.[execution_count]) AS [Avg Worker Time]

, qs.[total_physical_reads] AS [Total Physical Reads],

(qs.[total_physical_reads] / qs.[execution_count]) AS [Avg Physical Reads]

, qs.[total_logical_writes] AS [Total Logical Writes],

(qs.[total_logical_writes] / qs.[execution_count]) AS [Avg Logical Writes]

, qs.[total_logical_reads] AS [Total Logical Reads],

(qs.[total_logical_reads] / qs.[execution_count]) AS [Avg Logical Reads]

, qs.[total_clr_time] AS [Total CLR Time], (qs.[total_clr_time] /

qs.[execution_count]) AS [Avg CLR Time]

, qs.[total_elapsed_time] AS [Total Elapsed Time], (qs.[total_elapsed_time]

/ qs.[execution_count]) AS [Avg Elapsed Time]

, qs.[last_execution_time] AS [Last Exec Time], qs.[creation_time] AS

[Creation Time]

FROM sys.dm_exec_query_stats AS qs

CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(qs.sql_handle) AS t

-- ORDER BY [Total Worker Time] DESC

-- ORDER BY [Total Physical Reads] DESC

-- ORDER BY [Total Logical Writes] DESC

-- ORDER BY [Total Logical Reads] DESC

-- ORDER BY [Total CLR Time] DESC

-- ORDER BY [Total Elapsed Time] DESC


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