Windows PowerShell and .NET Together (creating the object)

By this time, you are probably aware of the fact that the Windows PowerShell integrates with the Microsoft .NET Framework very well and leverages it power fully. So, if you are new to PowerShell and don’t know much about PowerShell scripting, you can still go ahead and use its power by relying on the old…


How to check programmatically if a website is running

Recently, I got a request from one of my partners to check if a particular website is running or not and this has to be done from a windows service; which should be checking automatically at a given interval once started. Well, you can use WebRequest and WebResponse Classes (under namespace System.Net) to first create…


The power of PowerShell: Working with ADO.NET Data Services and JSON

A very interesting article to read on working with JSON data with PowerShell on “gduthie” blogs: ADO.NET Data Services, JSON, and PowerShell