Giáo trình Visual Studio 2008 – trang 2

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Chapter 4: Building Windows Workflow Foundation Application
4.1 Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation
4.2 Workflow Types
4.3 Workflow Basics
4.4 Workflow Activities
4.5 Workflow Runtime
4.6 Workflow Events
4.7 Workflow Service
Demo: Getting Started with WFF
Labs: Getting Started with WFF
Labs: Creating custom Activities
Labs: Hosting workflow
Labs: Creating State Machine Workflow
Chapter 5: Customizing the Office UI using Visual Studio Tools for Office
5.1 Extend the Office Ribbon
5.2 Create Custom Task & Actions Panes
5.3 Create Outlook Form Regions
Demo: Ribbon Customization
Demo: Task Pane Customization
Demo: Outlook Form Regions
Chapter  6: Building Mobile Application
6.1 Tools for Device Developers
6.2 Visual Studio "Orcas" Enhancements
6.3 Unit Testing fro Devices
6.4 Managed CoreConnectivity Wrapper
6.5 Devive Emulator
6.6 SDK Tools
Chapter 7: Introduction to Application Lifecycle Management
7.1 Software Development Lifecycle
7.2 Process for Introducing ALM
7.3 Supporting ALM with VSTS
7.4 Work Item Tracking
7.5 Detailed Reporting
Demo: VSTS Process Templates
Labs: Creating and Excuting UnitTest

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