Updated resources and latest SharePoint development content

"You have not published anything for a while?- What's up?"

Been super busy with the actual SharePoint development guidance, so been concentrating 100% on the official messaging from SharePoint engineering around SharePoint development. Personal blogs are a great resource for additional content, but simply haven't personally had time to keep things up to date in here, which is a pity. If you are however interested in following up on the latest blogs posts, documentation and announcements around SharePoint development, please have a look on following resources.

Looking forward again starting to write more and more personal stuff in future. I'll be back, but you can follow the guidance what I provide in above locations for at least now. If you have any feedback or suggestion on our guidance, samples or documentation, don't hesitate to contact using above channels. Thanks for your input advance.

"Sharing is caring!" - http://aka.ms/sppnp


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