Latest API updates in Client Side Object Model (March 2015 CU for SP2013)

We are happy to announce additional APIs once again being released for the SharePoint 2013 client side object model (CSOM) as part of the March 2015 cumulative update for SharePoint 2013. This time new APIs are for the Document Set management using CSOM operations. This development effort is directly related on the feedback what we have received from customers and field in general.

New APIs are part of updated Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.DocumentManagement.dll and they provide us capability to configure properties in the Document Set level. Previously we only had create document set capability on CSOM side, but this is now then enabling creation and configuration of the document sets using remote APIs.

Here’s a screenshot of the main properties now exposed from new DocumentSetTemplate object, which enables needed configurations for Document Set object.



Notice that to be able to use above APIs, you will need to have also the March CU installed on the server. You can find the CSOM libraries with these added capabilities from 15 hive of the servers where you have March CU installed.


What about cloud CSOM?

We will update the SharePoint Online Client Components SDK also in upcoming weeks to provide these latest same updates for the Office 365 development. These two packages are unfortunately evolving in slightly different schedules. We are aware of the significant delay on updating this package related on the December CU updates and are working on better process in the future.

You need additional APIs in CSOM?

imageIf you have any specific needs for the APIs you need, please let us know using User Voice in below address. We will address these requests and feedback where we can.

Please be patience on the requests, we will address those APIs which we can as fast as possible, but we do not have infinite resources, so we cannot provide any time lines related on the timing for addressing the feedback. Your input will be still highly appreciated and highly valuable for us to align the resources on the most needed capabilities.

Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices

Office365PnPLogoRed_thumb1We will provide updated samples and scenarios based on these APIs in the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices guidance, which contains already more than 100 samples and solutions demonstrating different patterns and practices related on the app model development together with additional documentation related on the app model techniques.

Check the latest updates directly from the GitHub project at Please join us on sharing patterns and practices for the community for the benefit of the community.

“From the community for the community” – “Sharing is caring”

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  1. Dean Gross says:

    How come these updates are not mentioned in the actual KB articles describing the CU? It seems to me that is the most appropriate location for discussing code changes.

  2. Vesa Juvonen says:

    Good feedback Dean and we are working on more suitable process for informing changes. This process unfortunately just takes a while, so we've been using this blog post as a short term workaround.

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