Speaking at TechEd Europe 2014

TEEU_2014_Im speaking_3In few weeks I’ll be presenting in the TechEd Europe 2014 at the Barcelona during the last week of October. I’ll be sharing the stage with my good friend and colleague Steve Walker from the Office 365 CXP team. We’ll be showing practical examples on how to achieve classic SharePoint farm solution customizations using app model techniques.

  • DEV-B308 - Transforming Your SharePoint Full Trust Code to the SharePoint App Model – Thursday, October 30 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

First step in the transformation from the farm solutions to the app model is to understand the different patterns and options for achieving needed capabilities using app model techniques, which is our main concentration areas. We will also cover some high level recommendations and details behind of them, including the reasoning or justification for each of the topic.


We are also looking into getting more insights on topics mentioned in the above slide to MSDN, but this session will be also soon available from the Channel 9 TechEd Europe recordings. This session will be also demo heavy session with multiple quick but valuable demonstrations on the different app model techniques for typical SharePoint tasks. Content and topics will be heavily related on the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices (PnP), so if you have any future questions on these topics, please use the yammer group for PnP to reach out.

Here’s the currently planned list of topics from where we will select the actual demos to be shown. This is balanced with the presentation content, so you can expect about 4 demos to be included in final session. If you have preference, please add comment to the post. During demo we will obviously talk about the reasoning and justification for the particular approach.

  • Branding without custom master pages
    • How you can control the branding of the sites without custom master pages and the reasoning behind
  • App techniques – Apps are not just app parts
    • Alternative approach for app integration with responsive design support without iFrames
  • Connected app parts without modifications to the host web
    • Classic item list and details scenario implemented as app parts using SignalR
  • Provisioning site collections or sites generally without web templates
    • Reasoning and justification obviously covered.
  • Control publishing settings for WCM sites using CSOM capabilities
    • How to control publishing related settings for the sites, like available page layouts or default page layouts
  • Replace out of the box site feed with Yammer feed
    • Site template tooling for sites which have right branding and automated replacement of out of the box site feed to Yammer feed

Content slides supporting the discussion with the demos:


We’ll be also obviously joining on the ask the experts evening of the conference, so feel free to drop by and ask any related questions. Happy to help where possible on this journey to app model.

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  1. Joshua Petryk says:

    I am excited by these topics! For those of us in the states and unable to travel, will there be a way to see the presentation later?

  2. Vesa Juvonen says:

    Hi Joshua,

    we will be recording this and it will be released to Channel 9. I'd expected in pretty fast schedule. We are also already collaborating with technical writers to ensure that we get this information updated also finally to MSDN.

  3. Spence says:

    wot no web templates? 🙂

  4. Ramana says:

    Hi Vesa,

    when is your course going to be available on MVA?



  5. Vesa Juvonen says:

    Hi Ramana,

    we will have live session in MVA on 11th of December. More detailed coming out soon.

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