Office AMS July 2014 release

We are happy to announce new version of the community driven Office App Model Samples (Office AMS) project. This is community driven project providing samples and patterns for SharePoint and Office app model development. Content is contributed by community members for the benefit of the other and you can use these samples anyway you like.

From the community to the community” – “Sharing is caring


Introduction to July 2014 releaseimage

Updated material is available for download from the Office AMS CodePlex project at This latest package contains new samples, scenarios and improvements to already released examples, like to the reusable components.

Here’s a release presentation for the July 2014 release with all the details on the content. I’ve also included some of the key topics to this blog post.


Key changes in July 2014 release

We continued using the refactored structure which was introduced in the previous release and concentrated on providing additional samples. We did receive good amount of new samples from the community, which were included to the package.

New samples are following

  • Branding.AlternateCSSAndSiteLogo – Demonstrate usage of new properties in Web object for CSS and site logo configuration.
  • Core.BulkDocumentUploader – Build document upload console for transferrign files to Office365
  • Core.ConnectedWebParts – How to build connected web parts using server side connection with SignalR
  • Core.CreateDocumentContentType – How to create content type with document templates using CSOM
  • Core.CreateSiteCollectionFromTemplate – How to create or provision site using existing site template with CSOM, including how to activate sandbox solution in site collection using CSOM
  • Core.CrossDomainIMages – How to display secured/cross-domain images in a provider hosted app by using service to conver them as base64 encoded strings
  • Core.ExternalSharing – How to enable external sharing in site collection level using CSOM
  • Core.MMSSync – How to synchronize changes from the taxonomy store to the Office365
  • Core.OneDriveDocumentMigration – How to migrate documents from on-premises my sites to Office365 OneDrive for business sites
  • Core.SeachSettingsPortability – How to export and import search settings from site collection using CSOM
  • Core.SDP – How to control SharePoitn Designer settings in site collection level with CSOM
  • Core.UploadWebPart – How to deploy pre-configured web part files to the web part gallery from apps
  • Provisioning.JSOM – How to provision sub sites and other structures using JSOM
  • Provision.SiteCol.OnPrem – How to use CSOM to provision site collection in on-premises without full trust code
  • Provisioning.SIteCollectionCreation – How to provision site collections to Office365

New scenarios in the latest package are the following. Scenarios use the core component to demonstrate reusable extension usage.

  • Core.XMLBasedFieldsAndContentTypes – How to provision fields and content types using CSOM based on feature framework element xml files
  • Provision.CreateSite – How to provision site collections or sub sites using the core component
  • Provisioning.Yammer – How to provision sub sites with Yammer feed replaced as the site feed. Creates also the Yammer group to the network if needed


Persons who contributed to this release

Here’s complete list of persons who provided contributions for this July release. Thanks for your valuable contributions for the benefit of others. This project is completely dependent on the contributions from the community for the benefit of the community.

  • Amar Bhogal, SharePoint Developer Consultant , Microsoft
  • Ashish Trivedi, Partner Consultant, Microsoft
  • Bert Jansen, Senior Consultant, Microsoft
  • Brian Michely, Principal Consultant, Microsoft
  • Frank Marasco, Principal Consultant, Microsoft
  • Jaakko Nikko, Senior Consultant, Microsoft
  • Jim Blanchard, Senior Consultant, Microsoft
  • Luke Bailey, Associate Consultant, Microsoft
  • Richard diZerega, Technical Solution Professional, Microsoft
  • Sami Nieminen, Senior Consultant, Microsoft
  • Vesa Juvonen, Principal Consultant, Microsoft


Future of Office AMS

We are looking to get the project to open source status, so that we are able to start taking contributions from the external field as well. This is estimated to happen during end of July or early August. After getting the project open source, we can then provide the code and updates directly on the shared project and there’s no need for separate packaging of the releases.

We are also in progress of rebranding the Office AMS as the patterns and practices project together with the Office365 product marketing and engineering. This change will happen at the same time as project will be turned into as open source project.


How to provide feedback and suggestions

Please do give us feedback and input on the work which has been released. Your feedback is crucial for this program and we are committed on providing additional scenarios and samples for the benefit of all of us. Primary purpose is to provide samples and IP for the community by the community and program existence is obviously dependent on the usefulness for the field. 

If you find any bugs in the release, please use the discussions and issues in the Codeplex project for now. This will be changed when project will move to GitHub. We have already long back log of the core component operations and other new updates, but all input is highly appreciated.

#officeams tag in Twitter   


    We are also highly interested on any possible gaps you might be encountering with the remote APIs, so that we can provide input for the product development. If you want to provide feedback related on the product API or functionality gaps, please use the for providing input for the product group.

    Thanks you for your assistance with the SharePoint and Office app model adaptation. If we can build on shared community knowledge, we can be much more efficient and productive, which benefits all of us.

    “Sharing is caring…”

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      This is really pretty useful. It will speed up the learing curve and also helps in the development. Thanks a ton to all the contributors and people behind this project!

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