SPC14 session recordings and slides

All the SharePoint Conference 2014 session recordings and slides have been now published in Channel9. It was great to see many of the Office AMS samples demonstrated and feedback was great from the audience. Here’s linked videos and slides to the sessions which I delivered.

Real-world examples of FTC to CAM transformations (SPC325)

This session we delivered together with Steve Walker (Senior Program Manager, Microsoft) and it concentrated on learning's from projects where we have helped our customers to transition from full trust code to the new app model. We concentrated on UPM corporation, which is Office365-Dedicated customer, but the techniques and models are exactly the same for classic on-premises customers.

We didn’t concentrate on the code with this one, rather wanted to spend the limited time on the actual patterns which were taken on the transition, not forgetting the migration part. This project also used lot of the patterns which we introduced externally on eve of the SPC as the Office AMS CodePlex project. During the demo we did have a peak on the customer production environment and I explained how the different functionalities were actually implemented.

Site provisioning techniques with SharePoint Apps

This session we delivered together with Bert Jansen (Senior Consultant) and it concentrated on site collection and site provisioning patterns. Key concentration was on how we can bring self service site collection creation patterns for the end users in cloud or in on-premises, which provide the consistence end users experience with right branding and other settings. Essentially how to create site definitions or web templates using app model patterns.

Session contained numerous demos which included following

  • Self service site collection creation in Office365
  • Hybrid self service site collection to on-premises from provider hosted app running in Windows Azure
    • Cool demo, which caused lot of discussions after the session, since we used the cloud as the primary platform and on-premises as the exception for site collection creation. This is pretty typical model when customers want to have so called “high confidential” information stored in on-premises, but still use the cloud as much as possible.
  • OneDrive for business branding and configuration
    • How to provide consistent branding and other configurations to the OneDrive for business sites using the app model

Want to access the demo code?

Go to Office AMS site in CodePlex and download the latest release. This has all the demonstrated demos and patterns for you to start learning how to build great deployments using the app model. Please do also give us feedback on provided samples so that we know what you’re looking and what kind of additional samples we should be releasing.

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