Office 365 Dev PnP Core team extended with first community member

I’m happy to announce that we are extending the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices (PnP) core team with new community member. This is pretty big deal for the PnP program, since we truly want our community to be involved also closely  in coordinating all different pull requests and in the past our core team…


New version of the SP 2013 and SP Online solution packs

We have released again new version of the SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online Solution packs package, which contains latest guidance on the app model transition and practices with specific functionality areas. This guidance is based on the work what has been done in the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices and will be also soon…


Latest API updates in Client Side Object Model (Dec 2014 CU for SP2013)

We are happy to announce additional APIs being available with the latest cumulative update for SharePoint for client side object model (CSOM). These are updates which are based on the input from the field with multiple different channels. Here’s key updates in the November and December CSOM releases for the on-premises SharePoint 2013. Controlling detailed…


Introducing Office 365 Developer PnP core component as nuget package

We are happy to announce that reusable remote PnP Core component from the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices (PnP) guidance has been released as a nuget package. This means that you can easily start using the latest released version of the component in your customizations. There are two difference nuget packages released, one towards…


SharePoint user profile properties now writable with CSOM

One of the highly requested capabilities for the SharePoint client side object model (CSOM) has been the capability to update user profile properties. This has been supported for remote operations using web services (UserProfileService.asmx), but since web service interfaces area already deprecated, having this capability natively in the CSOM has been frequently requested. We have…


Speaking at TechEd Europe 2014

In few weeks I’ll be presenting in the TechEd Europe 2014 at the Barcelona during the last week of October. I’ll be sharing the stage with my good friend and colleague Steve Walker from the Office 365 CXP team. We’ll be showing practical examples on how to achieve classic SharePoint farm solution customizations using app…


Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices – Introduction to the program

I first want to thank the community for your excellent feedback towards the Office 365 Patterns & Practices program (PnP) which we launch on late July this year. Your interest has been tremendous and it’s great to see that there’s so many people willing to help others on the transition to the app model. There…


Asynchronous site collection provisioning for Office 365

One of the highly requested samples related on the Office 365 and Azure usage is the asynchronous self-service site collection provisioning. This is pretty much a follow up for the similar blog post concentrating for the on-premises and Office 365 Dedicated side, but this one concentrates on the normal Office 365 with the provider hosted…


Async site collection provisioning with app model for on-prem and Office 365 Dedicated

Few months back I wrote about the exact details on enabling the site collection provisioning in the on-premises using app model. This is follow up for that blog post showing asynchronous way to implement this for your end users. This technique was mentioned as the recommended design approach also in the original blog post. This…


System update for SharePoint list items using App model

One of the often discussed requirements for app model is the need for updating list items without impacting the Modified By or Modified date of the item. In server side code this was done using SystemUpdate method, but we don’t have similar method as such available for app model using remote operations (CSOM or REST)….