SharePoint 2010 and web templates

One of the really exciting new options on the Feature Framework level of the SharePoint 2010 is the WebTemplate element. In this blog entry we’ll cover the primary site provisioning methods and we’ll concentrate especially to web template option to share the key techniques. Introduction Different site provisioning methods in SharePoint 2010 Feature stapling Site…


New advance SharePoint 2010 training material released

We just released new SharePoint 2010 training materials to MSDN and TechNet. Material is also downloadable as videos and PowerPoint presentations. [Updated 16th of May – Direct links to IT pro trainings added. Also content concerning Channel 9 trainings included.] Modules Material contains around 40 different modules, which length varies from 30 to 100 minutes….


How to – SharePoint 2010 – JS client object model and UI advancements

This blog entry shows how to utilize the new UI functionalities available in the SharePoint 2010 and how to use JavaScript object model to manipulate the site structure. Create initial structure in VS2010 The first step is to create the Visual Studio solution. In this case we will create a new Empty SharePoint project with…


SharePoint 2010 team development environment

SharePoint 2010 release date is closing (H1/2010) and there is huge interest on the product capabilities. There’s already few ongoing projects, which are scheduled to be released on H2/2010 and using currently beta 2 version for development. One of the key questions currently asked, is the setup for team based development. This blog entry defines…


SharePoint 2010 Virtual Machine for customers & partners now available

We have now released downloadable environment to get up to speed with SharePoint 2010. You can download the VM from the following address. Following chapters are directly from the download page, but edited for more readable format. [IMPORTANT] – You’ll need to import the VM to Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V, so that the…