New release for

We had a small release today (small on the UI changes, pretty significant in new support). We now support Opera (Opera 9 preview release only). We also did some fixes that should make it easier for developers to write gadgets. You can find more details in our team blog.!1ptlXnVCnj6D3FxjoH7NnLlg!251.entry!1ptlXnVCnj6D3FxjoH7NnLlg!254.entry!1ptlXnVCnj6D3FxjoH7NnLlg!252.entry!1ptlXnVCnj6D3FxjoH7NnLlg!256.entry – Venkat


Google has gadgets now

Well, they are calling it modules. I have been spending some time looking at their documentation and the features they have. They do some things better and we do some things better. Is the personal homepage space heating up or what? 🙂 I am excited to be working on We have some stuff coming…


MSN Homepage and Validation

I just got an email from Dan about the MSN Homepage passing validation. I worked on this page for about 4 years before moving on to We released a version sometime this April that got very close to passing validation. We had some problems with ads not being valid HTML. It looks like all…

2 Gadgets information

We had a release a couple days ago to sandbox gadgets and some other small bug fixes. An unintended side effect is the ability to host a third party gadget on other web sites. Donavon, gadget developer has a post explaining how he got it to work. This is interesting and is worth exploring for us….


Changes that may break gadgets on

We released a number of changes today that could potentially break some gadgets on We had to make these changes to address concerns on running third party JavaScript code on the same domain as Steve has more information in microsoftgadgets. I will not bore you with the same details here. If you write…


RSS Extensions, SSE and Microsoft

Ray Ozzie wrote about the SSE extensions to RSS that Microsoft is advocating. I am excited to see this from us. I wonder what we can do with this in I bet someone comes up with a gadget that uses this specification. I also like it that we have released it under creative commons….


Xbox 360

I stood in line for the last Xbox launch, but I am not doing that this time. I will still get one before christmas, assuming I can find one. I am excited about the 360. I think it is going to be huge, not just for console gaming but also for Media Center PCs. I have…


Do you search on

I was wondering about this. We have what i think is a cool feature on, where we don’t steal focus but we still let users type in the search box without clicking on the box first. If you start typing in the address bar, we don’t steal focus to the search box as a…


Gadgets for

Sean Alexander has a posting today about all the gadgets available for I am amazed by what the community has been able to do in a week. My favorite gadget is the Windows Live Favorites one. We are already upto 50 gadgets. This is just awesome. – Venkat

0 Oops bug

We released and immediately got dinged for a lot of errors when reading feeds, among others. I am glad to say that at least that one issue has been fixed. We were tracking the feeds that were being added, anonymously of course, so we could do recommendation for top feeds. Unfortunately, under heavy load, this…