Fixed a IE hang bug, and folders

We had a new release yesterday where we fixed some major performance issues. We also fixed a bug with IE. We were using quite a few transparent .PNG files on the page. In IE6, this is rendered using an ActiveX object. For some reason, (mostly timing issues) the page would crash on IE6. We have fixed this by removing all of the transparent .png files and replacing them with transparent .gif files.

We also introduced some new features. We have improved the RSS feed fetch and render performance. If you had a number of RSS feeds on your page, the browser used to lock up for a little bit because we were doing a lot of work trying to parse the xml. We have now improved this by fetching JSON back instead of XML.

We also introduced the ability to create folders in My stuff. You can now organize your feeds better. You can also rename your feeds and gadgets from My Stuff. You can also drag a module from one page to another, by dropping the module on the page title.

The search team has introduced a couple of new features as well. You can now get Instant answers for News (Iraq, George Bush) and Phonebook entries (pizza seattle).

- Venkat

Comments (4)

  1. Shawn Miller says:

    We’ve encounted the same issue with PNG images rendered using an ActiveX control that point to invalid URIs.  Turns out, if your URI is incorrect; your browser completely locks up.

    See this post:

  2. Stahn says:

    PNG > GIF.

    I think you should fix IE rather than downgrading the images.

  3. venkatna says:

    Stahn: Fixing IE would be nice, yes. This problem has already been fixed in IE7. I am not sure this will be backported to IE6.

  4. Seems like every time I send a message in OWA, IE beta 3 locks up. I love IE, but these lock ups need

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