The cat is out of the bag. We have been working on a new personalized start page. We are essentially playing around with a number of different ideas trying to figure out which way to go. You can find this page at or Both Dave Winer and Scoble have linked to it. So I guess it is time for us to open it up for comments.


The idea behind these pages is to let you add what you want to your pages. We will also enable you to add bookmarks, your favorite searches, RSS and other modules.


What do you think of these pages? Which one do you like better?


Remember, these are prototypes and are not built to take heavy loads.

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  1. Definitely like version 1 better – integration between RSS and search is the way to go.

    Bookmarks are kind of old-fashioned now, I hardly use them anymore.

  2. Ben says: seems really cool. I really like the idea of clicking on a page’s link to first see it’s RSS headlines, then those links are the details, then you can dig deeper if you want.

  3. David says:

    If I just read "We hear you: Firefox support is coming soon!" and saw Google as a "Useful site" on a Microsoft website…then my respect for them just went through the roof! It says (c) Microsoft…but I donno. That would be awesome though.

  4. <p>SiliconBeat point to a sandbox version of a working web-based RSS Aggregator – from Microsoft!</p>

  5. BillSaysThis says:

    Not to complain about free stuff that’s barely out of beta but would it be possible to add just a little bit of help text to those pages? For instance, I used the Import Favorites function and that worked fine but some of my favorites aren’t useful in this context and I saw no method, other than deleting the entire box (representing a folder), to delete one.

  6. SiliconBeat says:

    Microsoft’s MSN division has a working version of a Web-based RSS aggregator online. It appears to be part of MSN’s "sandbox,” where it tests new technologies, though it was not linked off that page as of this posting. A disclaimer at the bottom of the aggregator Web page says: "This site is not an officially supported site. It is an incubation experiment and doesn’t represent any particular strategy or policy.” Note: It seems to work best (only?) on Windows IE. You won’t see much if you view it in Firefox. UPDATE: Inside Microsoft finds MSN’s Furl-like bookmarking Web site, also being tested. Note the interesting way MSN is apparently using APIs to allow you to search some of the bookmarked sites, such as Google and Amazon. UPDATE2: The "official" announcement is here….

  7. says:

    Webes hírolvasót és testreszabható kezdőoldalt fejleszt a Microsoft

  8. Gabe says:

    I also like V1 better.

  9. [via ReadWriteWeb] – (@SiliconBeat) ũμƮ MSN division ۾ RSS aggregator. MSN sandbox Ϻΰ Ǵ , MyYahoo ̱⵵ ϰ, ο MSN ˻ ɰ ϰ յǾ ִٴ Ư¡ ֳ׿. ۿ MSN Furl Ʈ ϸŷ…

  10. I like the "2" page’s color scheme better. Make sure that users can also save a copy to their HDs and launch from their own systems. THAT would be cool!

  11. I agree with David, Firefox & Google links on a Microsoft page, i have a lot more respect for them now too. review at

  12. Simon says:

    I prefer version 1 too.

  13. John Wallaby says:

    Oh great, another site that doesn’t work right with Opera.

    What ever happened to plain HTML?

  14. c.maurice says:

    may i access to it in French

    tank you

  15. Venkat says:

    We are working on the English version of the page only right now.

  16. Reading some email threads today, I saw mention of a domain I had never heard of before: start.comSure…

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