One freakin’ game

Is it too much to ask? Win one freaking game. Best record in the NL, second best record in all of baseball, and what do they do in the NLDS? Lose three straight. The one good thing, maybe, is they successfully completed 100 years without a title. I was not going to talk about the…


Olympics and MSN/Live Search

Like a lot of people, I have been watching a lot of Olympics recently, and have really enjoyed it. I cannot quite put my finger on why, but I have been excited by the Olympics. This has also led me to augment my TV viewing with other sources of information. I found out that Microsoft…


300,000 servers in a container farm

This is cool – Microsoft has 300,000 servers in a container farm in the Chicago Data Center. It has got to be hot in there. This kind of gives an idea to the pace of growth at Microsoft. Exciting times.  Venkat


Live Search at the Daytona Endurance Race

I am a huge fan of Formula 1 racing, and don’t follow races in the U.S. that much. However, I just found out that Live Search is sponsoring a car at the Daytona Motor Speedway for the 24 Hours of Daytona Endurance race. Turns out this is for a good cause. We are sponsoring Team…


Windows Home Server – Need to get me one of these

I have been looking at getting the HP MediaSmart Windows Home Server. Right now, all my data is stored on one external hard disk. I would really like to not have to worry about backing up all of the photos and videos I have. That should all just happen. According to most of the reviews…


List of all Microsoft Team Blogs

Brandon LeBlanc has gone to some trouble to get a list of all Microsoft Team Blogs in one location. This is a very useful list for any Microsoft watcher. – Venkat


Speeding up Web 2.0 applications

My experience with web 2.0 applications is limited to homepage ( and In my experience, was generally faster than There are various reasons for this, but one of the main ones is the amount of JavaScript code we download. was a much smaller site compared to We also have…


Tafiti – Silverlight based Search Engine

Microsoft has released a new experimental Search Engine at This looks like it is more to show the power of Silverlight than to show off a new Search interface. And it really does that. It is very easy on the eyes and completely smooth. There is some interaction that I don’t particularly enjoy. For…


Windows Live starting to look better and better

This is exciting. Windows Live, for a long time has been confusing for a lot of people. Sites did not look the same and they did not work well with one another. That seems to be changing now. More and more services seem like they were built together.  And this morning Microsoft released two new…


Performance of Web sites

Yahoo Developer Network has a good post that details a number of things you can and should do to improve performance of your websites. Most of the recommendations are common sense, but together they pack a powerful punch. I have personally seen the bumps you get in performance whenever you implement one of these changes….