Proposed Performance Counters for CTP4

We are planning to add performance counters in the upcoming release, CTP4. The performance counters will be available for one or both of the following categories: ·         Host – A category for single-instance performance counters pertaining to a single cache host. Host counters track information such as total active connections and total client requests for…


Update on Velocity upcoming release – CTP4

  As Velocity moves ahead with the next release milestone, there is an update that – Velocity is planning to release CTP 4 around mid-September 2009. Some of the features planned for CTP 4 would be – Velocity Setup/Configuration changes, Velocity Performance Monitor Counters, Enhancements to Security and more stability & reliability since CTP3   In…


Velocity MSDN Magazine Article

Aaron has published a Velocity article on MSDN magazine. It also include sample code for the cool Northwind demos that I used in my recent talks.  Check it out at –  


The dreaded error – Cache::Get: The request timed out

Sometimes you see this error in the Get calls and this can freak out people. There are a few reasons why this error may come. Internally we have a 15second timeout for calls (either Get or Put) .So if are not able to satisfy the request within that time, we timeout and throw this error…


More performance numbers

Anshul ran some more numbers to see the max throughput and latency that we have observed with CTP3. Here are some numbers to share. Note that these are the max throughput numbers and latencies observed at those values. If you reduce the throughput, then latency goes down. For example, in the Read 2k, if the CPU…


Pushing Client Performance

You can increase the number of clients to increase the cache throughput. But sometimes if you want to have smaller set of clients and increase throughput, a trick is to use multiple DataCacheFactory instances. The DataCacheFactory instance creates a connection to the servers (e..g if there are 3 servers, it will create 3 connections) and…


Regions and high Availability

When talking to some customers and partners, there was some confusion regarding regions and high availability. There is a assumption that if you use regions you will not get High Availability. That is not correct – High Availability is orthogonal to whether you put your keys within a region or not. The way it works…


Announcing Velocity CTP3 !

Velocity Team is happy to announce release of Microsoft project code named “Velocity” CTP3 For community technology preview 3 (CTP3), Microsoft project code named “Velocity” offers several enhancements and revised APIs. The enhancements include cache notifications feature, performance improvements, security enhancements, and new cluster management options. There have also been updates to the installation program….



In my MIX talk I told that for 2k reads, we take 3ms. It is actually the case under load where the servers are straining. Here is a latest performance shot that we got with the CTP3 bits. Bulk APIs: Note that these numbers are without any bulk operations. With bulk gets (we are trying…