Griddynamics benchmark on Velocity

Benchmark showcases Microsoft’s Project Code-named “Velocity” ability to Scale Web Application

Grid Dynamics, a Microsoft partner, created three sample applications, designed to be typical use cases for data caching, and ran extensive benchmarking tests to evaluate their performance characteristics. The applications were a blogging engine, demonstrating the most basic features of Velocity caching technology; a simple e-commerce website, demonstrating Velocity’s capabilities for managing session state, and; a market data application, demonstrating Velocity’s event processing capabilities. Building these applications with the Velocity project’s in-memory application cache platform achieved superior, linear scalability when compared to the same applications built without Velocity.

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About Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics is the global leader in scaling mission-critical systems. Our .NET Scalability Practice offers solutions that enable customers to develop and scale applications with the Velocity caching platform, Windows HPC Server 2008, the Azure Services Platform, and other Microsoft .NET technologies

Comments (2)

  1. jaguarg says:

    great white paper. Would love to hear about how you implemented the Velocity Notifications use case. I mean it seems that velocity can't handle notifications poll interval below 1s. Is this right?

  2. Junior Mayhe says:

    page does not exist:

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