Troubleshooting “Velocity” Series – II

How to ensure you have correct client libraries

This section is more important for people who are upgrading from CTP2 to CTP3. Since Microsoft project code named “Velocity” bits are not backward compatible, while upgrading the cache hosts, “Velocity” clients have to be upgraded as well. There are four client libraries:

1.       ClientLibrary.dll

2.       CacheBaseLibrary.dll

3.       CASBase.dll

4.       FabricCommon.dll


Even if these are updated, since the client needs references to only ClientLibrary.dll and CacheBaseLibrary.dll, in a scenario where by some chance only these two libraries are updated and the client still has older CASBase.dll and FabricCommon.dll, user would run into issues (has been reported earlier by multiple folks). The fact that file and product versions for the second two libraries are for both CTP2 and CTP3 makes troubleshooting even more difficult. Hence you need to make sure that the correct set of assemblies has been copied by checking that their ‘Date modified’ timestamp is same in both locations (copied from, copied to).


Next time we’d be discussing “Velocity” logging framework usage.


Amit Kumar Yadav

(Microsoft project code named “Velocity” team)


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