Update on Velocity upcoming release – CTP4


As Velocity moves ahead with the next release milestone, there is an update that - Velocity is planning to release CTP 4 around mid-September 2009. Some of the features planned for CTP 4 would be - Velocity Setup/Configuration changes, Velocity Performance Monitor Counters, Enhancements to Security and more stability & reliability since CTP3


In coming days we will be sharing more details on these features to get your valuable feedback and comments.


Velocity Team

Comments (4)

  1. hugorodgerbrown says:

    Do you have a longer-term view on a possible release date for Velocity? We are thinking of putting it into our solution architecture but need some reassurance that Velocity will reach RTM and be supported in the near future?

  2. rob@cannonsoftware.com says:

    Is there a plan to add a method to retrieve items from the cache by a arbitrary list of keys?  That is a key feature that is missing from Velocity that we would like to see.

  3. David Myers says:

    CTP4 is scheduled for September…does anyone have any ideas when this product will be finally released?

    When I was a tech ed last year the Project Velocity project manager was talking about releasing the first version in March 2009.

    All these CTPs are a waste of time as the continued delay will mean no one will bother with them, as there is no release timeline specified to which we can plan our projects to.

    We have had to drop it from our architecture because it missed its released date and ours! This was a major pain as we had to modify the architecture to work without the distributed caching abilities that Velocity provides.

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