Velocity CTP3 …

Microsoft distributed cache project codename 'Velocity' CTP3 is coming out soon, as we are working hard toward CTP3 launch (around MIX 09) with improvements in Scalability, Availability, Notifications etc

More details to come with Velocity CTP3 release...


Comments (6)

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  2. JoelMartinez says:

    where is the download for this?

  3. gerely says:

    @JoelMartinez: As I understand, there’s no download yet. The MIX 09 will be held between March 18-20.

  4. wakeskate says:


    Although it hasn’t been communicated here in the Velocity blog, MK says end of the month:

    also, looks like no bulk access, read-through or security features in CTP3 or V1 🙂

  5. velocityteam says:

    Yes – we are planning to release end of this week. Reason being API changes.. 🙁

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