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Anil and myself presented Velocity at PDC - I did an overview (Intro) session while Anil did an under-the-hood and futures session. The videos are here

TL14 Project "Velocity": A First Look

Presenter: Murali Krishnaprasad




| MP4



TL56 Project "Velocity": Under the Hood

Presenter: Anil Nori



| MP4




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  1. Lukk says:

    Hi guys,

    We are just starting a new project in my company and maybe we could use Velocity, but we need to know when are you planning to ship V1. it better be quick 😉



  2. velocityteam says:

    We are planning to ship it middle of 2009 – plan is to release CTP3 at Mix (Mar 2009) and stablize the code for a few months afterward before release.

  3. Alexander_M says:


    We start using Velocity in our new application and have several questions for you. We have the farm of application servers and want to cache Activity-Oriented data at each node (replicated copies). The questions are:

    1. Embedded Velocity cache suits our case. Do you plan to release this feature in CTP3/V1?

    2. If you don’t plan to implement Embedded cache, shall we use Local cache option? As far as I understand, we can use it with promised Event Notification mechanism to keep Local cache up-to-date.

    3. Is it right, that in High Availability configuration changes are applied to all cache nodes before returning control to calling client? (So that client of any cluster node will always receive actual data)

    4. We expect 10M items in cache. Item types and volumes are different (about 10 types, 1K – 100K nodes), object structure is the same. Should it better to create cache for each object type or use one universal cache?

    Looking forward CTP3 and good luck in development!



  4. piotr.kolodziej says:


    First of all, that was a great presentation. I have one question. I would like to perform the performance tests at my group meeting. Where can I get the project You used for testing purposes?

  5. Here is a collection random notes and links for Velocity.   Release Schedule: CTP1: Released. CTP2

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