Velocity podcast

Craig Shoemaker interviewed us at TechEd and has posted the podcast on his website –   Architecting Web Scalability  Muralidhar Krishnaprasad (MK) – MSFT


Velocity TechEd Presentation

Anil and I gave a presentation on Velocity in one of the breakout sessions at TechEd. I have added the ppt to this blog and is also available on Skydrive  We also did a podcast with Scott  Hanselman- here is the link :  We also did some video-casts there and will link to it once…


Creating Multiple Velocity Instances on a Single Machine

This article will guide you through the process of creating more than one instance of Microsoft project code named “Velocity” (henceforth referred to as “Velocity” for the remainder of the article) on one standalone machine. All such instances created on this machine can form a cluster (or multiple clusters), just like it were installed on…


How to Use Session State Provider (Microsoft Project code named Velocity)

Microsoft Distributed Cache code named Velocity ships with a custom Session State provider that use distributed cache to spread session objects across the cluster;  thus,  providing scalability to your web applications. To configure SessionStoreProvider in your web apps:   1.       Add <sessionState> element to your app’s  web.config file:     <sessionState  mode=”Custom” customProvider=”SessionStoreProvider”>   <providers>…


Project "Velocity" CTP1 Features

Hi,   I hope you got a chance to visit our velocity page, download the bits and try it out – We are waiting to hear your feedback and you give it us by commenting on this blog page or by visiting us on our velocity forum.   I want to talk about our CTP1…


Microsoft Project Code Named "Velocity" – Followup

Yesterday, we announced the first CTP of Microsoft Project Code Named “Velocity”. This post is a follow-up to clear up  a couple of points that we’ve seen in forums.   First, the usage scenarios. Velocity is intended to provide distributed caching (in memory) for all .NET applications – from enterprise scale to web-scale. We believe…


Introducing Project Codename "Velocity"

The advances in processors, memory, storage, and connectivity have paved the way for next-generation applications that are data-driven, whose data could reside anywhere (i.e. on the desktops, mobile devices, servers, and in the cloud) and that require access from anywhere (i.e. local, remote, over the network, from mobile devices, in connected and disconnected mode). This…