Behold! These smart kiwis and their great Windows Phone 7 apps!

Ok, so I’m finally doing what I’ve promised some time ago: Talk about some of our Windows Phone 7 challenge competitors! I’m my defence, I’ve been a bit busy these days so apologies for taking so long! I want to mention the top 5 finalists of each categories, plus a few others that also called…


The Ultimate New Zealand Windows Phone 7 Apps List

From now on I’ll be maintaining this list of NZ made WP7 applications that are currently available in the Zune Marketplace. If you app isn’t there, please let me know:  


Professional Developers Conference – Live from the Microsoft Redmond Campus this Friday!

The Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) kicks off this Friday (29 October) morning and we would like to invite you to participate in this year conference LIVE in New Zealand. This year’s PDC online event will include live streaming of the keynote, as well as concurrent live streaming of all sessions. No registration is required….


Windows Phone 7 Challenge: Nearly finished!

And I’m very keen to see what people have been building. Feel free to drop me an e-mail with your phone app details, videos, comments or questions: Good luck! 🙂


Kiwis will be the first in the world to be able to buy Windows Phone 7!

If you didn’t know that yet, it’s now confirmed! So if you want to be one of the first in the world, the day is tomorrow (Thursday, 21st of October) and the time is 12:01am. You can do it from Vodafone website ( If you do so, the phone will be shipped to you. The option…


First kiwi application on MarketPlace!

Record this date: 14th of October, 2010. A (not so) small step for a team, and a huge step for New Zealand: The first kiwi made app is just there, and free! The application is “The official all blacks app” and you can download to your Windows Phone 7 for free (well, when you have your…


Windows Phone 7 New Zealand challenge: Is Microsoft going to steal my application?

No, we won’t! Someone asked me this question after reading the terms and conditions of the competition, more specifically this part: “Microsoft will judge the entries and in its sole discretion select 10 finalists who will be announced on 8 November 2010.  If you are one of the finalists, Microsoft will contact you by phone…


Game is on! The New Zealand Windows Phone 7 application competition

Yes! All ready to go. You can read more about our competition here: Basically we have two competition categories: A Trade Me application or a “Free Style” one. For the Trade Me application, I’ve recorded a video explaining the basics of building a Windows Phone 7 app for Trade Me. You can download this…