Behold! These smart kiwis and their great Windows Phone 7 apps!

Ok, so I'm finally doing what I've promised some time ago: Talk about some of our Windows Phone 7 challenge competitors!

I'm my defence, I've been a bit busy these days so apologies for taking so long!

I want to mention the top 5 finalists of each categories, plus a few others that also called my attention so let's go:


New Zealand Category

App name: Event Finder NZ

One of the winners of the WP7 competition, Event Finder NZ has quite a nice user interface and provides an easy way of searching for events:


You can watch the video here:

The author is Sashank Ramkumar.

App name: Auckland Transits

The second winner of the NZ category, Auckland Transits provides a handy way of finding the best public transport option for getting around Auckland:


One cool thing I like about this app is that it makes use of the tiles, once you select your route:


Nice eh?

The presentation video can be found here:

The author is Shane S. Anderson.

App name: Checka

Now that app is scary. I honestly had no idea you could get all this information from a car's license plate and I'm not sure I feel good about this. Nevertheless it is a very handy and well-built app:


You can watch the video here:

And the author is Sean Jackson

App name: Get Kicking

Now this guy is a XNA ninja and he had no problem showing this on this little 3D Rugby game:


(By the way, he managed to build most of it without an actual phone device to test it!)

You can watch the video here:

And the author is Guy Sherman

App name: Fruit Salad

What a cute little game! We loved the concept and the graphics. And I personally loved the fact that this was built by a female developer. Unfortunately we didn't have many in this competition...


You can watch the video here:

And the author is Beverley Laundry

App name: What's On NZ?

That's quite similar to the Event Finder NZ and was another strong candidate.


You can watch the video here:  (I quite like the intro in the video too!)

And the author is Vinny Jeet

App name: Today on TVNZ

Another strong candidate. Very good looking little app!


You can watch the video here:

And the author is Thivyakanth Ruthramoorthy (Thivy)

Trade Me Category

App name: Trade Me Mobile

One of the winners of the WP7 competition in the Trade Me category, the Trade Me Mobile provides a nice user interface and some cool navigation functionality:


 You can watch the video here:

The author is Brian Donovan-Smith.

App name: Gooseberry

The other winner of the WP7 competition in the Trade Me category, Gooseberry also provides generic Trade Me related functionality and good looks:


 You can watch the video here: (another catchy video/music BTW)

The author is Seshi Chemudugunta

App name: Open Home Finder

Different than the first two, this is a more specific app that helps people to find open homes.

The idea is pretty cool and the app was quite well built:


You can watch the video here:

The author is Steve Chadbourne

App name: My Trades

Yet another great general purpose Trade Me application. Will blog more about this guy later as he has been very helpful with some Trade Me API related questions.


Lots of features!

You can watch the video here:

The author is Nikhil Ramrakhiani

App name: Scout About

This app works with the properties in your watch list. It allows managing the properties in lists/groups and getting more information about directions and details about the auction. Very handy.


 You can watch the video here:

The author is Andrew Jackson

App name: Price This!

Ok, this is my personal favourite. It is so crazy that it is actually a great idea: It is a Trade Me game.

Yes, a game. Crazy? Yes, definitely. Would you have imagined such an idea? No. That's why it is so awesome.



 You can watch the video here:

And the author is Henry Chong

App name: ISBN Barcode Sleuth for Trade Me

What's cool about this one? Two words: Barcode reader.

Yes, they've ported a Barcode reading library to the phone! Need to say more?


Very nice work. I've asked these guys to write us an article about how they did it. Will they say yes? 🙂

You can watch the video here:

And the authors are Zhi Lee and Mathew Peachy, who is still waiting for a t-shirt, I know, I know.


And there is more, many more. I've just picked a few apps to show you why you should be proud of New Zealand developers. These guys built this in their spare time, with only one or two developers, in one month. That's it!



Comments (3)

  1. Ryan CrawCour says:

    looks great! when will these be available on the MarketPlace so we can all play with them?

  2. It all depends on the developers, really. We are giving them free marketplace subscriptions and offering all the help to get these apps published but it's their code and their decision on if/how to do it.

    But what I can say is that some of them are already sending their apps for certification 🙂

  3. Henry Chong says:

    @Ryan PriceThis! is almost ready for marketplace – it failed the first submission due to a bug I missed, but it was fixed last night and resubmitted; so it will hopefully be available before next year 🙂

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