Cloud Identity 201: Identity concepts for developers

Yesterday I’ve published a new Channel 9 video: It talks about basic OAuth concepts and how Azure Active Directory plays a role in your application authentication/authorization scenarios.  

Two more videos on O365 APIs and SharePoint

If you only have 20 minutes and you want to have an overview of SharePoint online and O365 REST APIs, please check these:    

New Channel 9 Series: Explain that to me

I have started a new Channel 9 series called Explain that to me.   The idea is to explain often difficult concepts in the easiest possible way. To start, we have a video talking about how Identity plays a role putting up Office 365 and Azure together. Let’s call it Identity 101. Enjoy:

A detailed guide about creating the ADAL Xamarin binding for Android

Today I just put together a step by step guidance to get Azure Active Directory Authentication Library to work on a Xamarin Android project:


Simple guide for enabling authentication to Azure Active Directory from an application

Many people ask how to get started with authentication on their mobile app, web app, web service, Xamarin, etc. Usually this first step can be confusing as there are lots of options available with different weaknesses and strengths.   I wrote a simple guide to help you get started with making those decisions and moving…

Setting up a subscription to work with Azure Active Directory and o365

I’ve posted a little step by step guide in order to show how to get both an o365 and Azure subscription to work with the same Azure Active Directory (so you can authenticate users seamlessly on both platforms): This is the step 1 of a more extensible guidance around creating apps that leverage Azure…

RichEditBox, Store apps and the challenges with advanced text formatting

This has become a common topic people ask me about so I decided to write it down for future reference.   If you are using RichEditBox on a store app, you might have realized by now that coding specific format changes in parts of the content is not trivial. Different than RichTextBlock which has a…


Xamarin iOS and Android bindings for ADAL (Active Directory Authentication Library)

If you’re diving into building cross platform apps using Xamarin and you need to use Active Directory Authentication Library, you will need to create bindings so you can call the native iOS and Android libraries from C#. Xamarin describes the process of creating bindings libraries in details here (Objective -C) and here (Java). But if that…


So you did what with PowerPoint??

I was volunteering in a robotics class when one of the boys started playing with Microsoft PowerPoint in a way that was completely novel to me: He was creating an actual playable computer game in PowerPoint. No kidding, I had to record this as a proof, the video below says all. What Aaron did got…