Deep Dive into NuGet Native (Part One)

Howdy! Today I thought I’d start explaining how NuGet supports C/C++ packages under the covers, and look into how one could (theoretically) manually construct a package without using the CoApp PowerShell tools.   As I mentioned before, C/C++ packages built for NuGet didn’t require a whole lot of change in NuGet itself—primarily because if we… Read more

NuGet for C++

The wait is over.  NuGet support for C++ projects is here. Quick Links• NuGet 2.5 Download page:• CoApp’s Powershell Tools Installer to create C++ NuGet packages:• Some C++ NuGet packages to try out: Start downloading, then head on back here to learn more about NuGet and how to create and use packages for C++ libraries. What… Read more

Developing Windows Applications in C++ (Articles Series)

We got just published “Developing Windows Applications in C++”,  an article series created by C++ Most Valuable Professional Kate Gregory. This material is aimed at C++ developers who want to learn how to write Windows applications. It won’t teach you C++, or how to use Windows as an end user. But if you know C++… Read more

TechEd 2011: Modern Native C++ Development for Maximum Productivity

TechEd 2011 North America took place in Atlanta a few weeks ago. If you missed, its sessions are posted in Channel 9. The one we highlight here, Modern Native C++ Development for Maximum Productivity, was delivered by C++ MVP Kate Gregory. If you are a follower of this blog you may already know Kate. The… Read more

Converting An MFC Ribbon To Designer Format

Hello, I’m Pat Brenner, a developer on the Visual C++ Libraries team, and I primarily work on MFC. In Visual Studio 2010, a ribbon designer was added which allows you to visually edit the ribbon used in your MFC application. This doesn’t help you, however, if you adopted the ribbon user interface with Visual Studio… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 General Availability

If you guys follow Jason Zander’s (Visual Studio corporate Vice President) blog, you learned two days ago that the Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 whose Beta had been released last December achieved final release stage. Today is generally available (last Tuesday was only for MSDN subscribers). You can get it from here. Let’s summarize… Read more

The Visual C++ Weekly Vol. 1 Issue 7 (Feb 12, 2011)

Read in this issue: Visual C++ 2010: What’s new for MFC library? Herb Sutter: Know When to Use an Active Object Instead of a Mutex Entrepreneurial debates: Acquisition interest in my part-time startup Introduction to Expressive C++ Two MS Executives Talk about the C++ Renaissance Go Ask printf() To Behave Predictably… Read more

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for C++ in Visual Studio 2010

Hi! I’m Ale Contenti and I’d like to show you here a session on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for C++ in Visual Studio 2010 I presented last November at TechEd Europe, in Berlin. People often wonder how we expect C++ developers to take advantage of the many ALM scenarios enabled in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. Today… Read more

Grr… My VC++ Project Is Building Slower in VS2010. What Do I Do Now? (A Step by Step Guide)

Hi, my name is Renin John and I work as a Software Development Engineer in Test with the VC++ Project and Build Team. I was involved in testing the Build performance of the VS 2010 IDE and I wanted to give you all an idea about what to expect, and some basic steps you could… Read more