C++ code analysis: tell us what you think!

We’d love to hear more about what you would like to see in C++ code analysis. We’re running a short survey–just 20 questions–to help us understand how to make C++ code analysis and Visual C++ better. Please take a couple of minutes to fill out our C++ Code Analysis survey and let us know your… Read more

C++ Unit Testing Survey (Summer 2016)

Hi everyone! The Visual Studio C++ team is conducting a survey to learn more about your C++ unit testing experiences. We’ll use the feedback to make improvements to Visual Studio in the future. The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Take the C++ unit testing survey Thanks for your feedback! Cheers, Augustin Popa… Read more

Clang/C2: We need your advice!

The Visual C++ team has shipped three releases of Clang with Microsoft CodeGen (Clang/C2). We’ve got a solid pre-production compiler that passes all of our STL tests and compiles a bunch of code into native Windows binaries. We’ve about to move to the 3.8 release of clang. We’re also working on getting x64-hosted tools up and running. Our… Read more

Developing C++ cross-platform projects with CMake?

Do you develop cross-platform C++ applications or libraries? In this short survey, the Microsoft Visual Studio team would like to learn more about your current edit-build-debug experience. This survey will help us understand your needs and preferences when doing C++ development using CMake (or any other cross-platform tools). Your feedback is important to us so… Read more

Your Version Control Experiences

The Visual C++ Team team would like to learn more about your source code management experiences across development tools, languages (especially C/C++), target platforms and project types. Please take a few minutes (~10) to fill out our brief survey http://www.instant.ly/s/wJqxc. The last question is an opt-in to share more details of your experiences with the… Read more

iOS / Linux Fall Survey

Do you develop primarily on iOS or Linux? Take this short survey! Cross-platform scenarios are important; this survey will give us additional insights and, if you opt-in to chat with us, more details about your experiences. Thanks!… Read more

Do You Prefer Fast or Precise?

What is this Blog About? My name is Jim Hogg, a Program Manager in the Compilers team. We would like your feedback on a feature of the Visual C++ compiler that affects the code we generate for floating-point operations. Your answers will help determine what we do. You can vote via survey — it should… Read more

C++ Packaging Technology Survey

Another Friday, another survey. We get it. Surveys can be annoying (but not our survey). But they can also be a good way to help us understand larger patterns around a feature, scenario or experience. Hence the onslaught of surveys (including this survey). We do promise to share some of our insights from the data… Read more

GCC / LLVM edit/build/debug survey

You, blog readers, are kind enough to answer our surveys and often provide extended feedback through individual conversations. Continuing to depend on your feedback and kindness, we are sharing another survey: The purpose of this survey is to gain a greater understanding of developers using GCC and LLVM based compilers either targeting Windows or Linux…. Read more