The Visual C++ Weekly Vol. 1 Issue 11 (Mar 12, 2011)

Read in this issue: [MS Parallel Programming] Sorting in PPL [Visual C++ team] Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 General Availability [John Socha-Leialoha] C++/CLI to C++ Tips and Tricks [Thomas Becker] C++ Rvalue References Explained [Stephan L. Lavavej] Algorithm Optimizations – Advanced STL, Part 2 Scott Meyers: Appearing and Disappearing consts in C++… Read more

STL Performance

Hello, I am Mohammad Usman, a Software Design Engineer in Test on the Visual C++ Libraries team. I recently joined the team. In VS 2008 SP1, we invested heavily in our Standard Template Library (STL) implementation by adding TR1 extensions such as shared_ptr, including performance optimizations for things like vectors of shared_ptrs.  In this post,… Read more