Microsoft Virtual Academy – C++: A General Purpose Language and Library

Interested in learning the basics of C++? Next Tuesday, November 19, Kate Gregory and James McNellis will be teaching a free introductory C++ course on Microsoft Virtual Academy, “C++: A General Purpose Language and Library.” Kate is a C++ expert and long-time Microsoft Visual C++ MVP; James is a developer on the Visual C++ Libraries… Read more

Jumping Into C++: Calculating Unknowns

Last time, I wrote a C++ program to count words in text files. This time, write some code to calculate the motion of an object as an excuse to create a class, use function pointers and mess with some new containers. Thanks to my colleagues Ale Contenti and Andy Rich for providing the inspiration and… Read more

After the Jump

This is a follow up to Jumping Into C++, a first-hand account of my experiences writing my first modern C++ application. It was a simple exercise that turned out to be not so simple and much more educational than I imagined thanks to the community. Thank you. And now, in no particular order, a few… Read more

Jumping into C++

I was a professional developer for years, working initially with C in labs and an engineering firm before moving on to other languages and stints as an enterprise developer and consultant. Other languages and tool were more in demand for the projects I worked on so I gradually moved away from native development and lost… Read more