Support for Android CMake projects in Visual Studio

CMake is a cross-platform project generator that enables reuse of shared C++ code across multiple IDE and project systems. We made a change to CMake to support our Android toolchain in Visual Studio. With this change, you can take your existing CMake project targetting Android, and with minimal modifications, you can have it open in… Read more

Solution Dependency Viewer extension

Hello, In my previous blog, I introduced PDBProject Extension VS2103 as an alternative way to leverage the IDE features.  In this post, I would like to introduce Solution Dependency Viewer Extension as an easy to understand overview of your solution.  This extension parses each C++, C#, and VB projects in the solution and presents a… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 General Availability

If you guys follow Jason Zander’s (Visual Studio corporate Vice President) blog, you learned two days ago that the Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 whose Beta had been released last December achieved final release stage. Today is generally available (last Tuesday was only for MSDN subscribers). You can get it from here. Let’s summarize… Read more

The Visual C++ Weekly Vol. 1 Issue 4 (Jan 22, 2010)

Paperli.PaperWidget.Show({ pid: ‘visualc/news’, width: 200, background: ‘#000666’ }) Greetings!! The 4th issue of The Visual C++ Weekly is out there. This issue starts with an article due to C++ MVP Marc Gregoire on an extension that Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta brings to Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) to allow animations. A book of techniques in… Read more

VC++ Tip: Get detailed build throughput diagnostics using MSBuild, compiler and linker

We know that build throughput for applications are a time crunch on developer productivity. We have spent some time on improving linker throughput and other areas in VS2010, and will continue to investigate improving overall build throughput in future releases. In this blog post, we will describe a couple of options to get diagnostics for… Read more

VCBuild vs. C++ MSBuild on the Command Line

In Visual Studio 2010, the command line tool vcbuild.exe will be replaced by msbuild.exe. The executable change does mean switches will change, too.  To help make the migration easier, I have created this table as a quick guide to the new switches and highlight some differences between the tools.  The table below isn’t a complete… Read more

Channel 9 Video: Bogdan Mihalcea: The New VC++ Project/Build system – MSBuild for C++

Bogdan Mihalcea is a developer on the Visual C++ team. During the development of Visual Studio 2010 he has been feverously working on converting our build system to target MS Build as the build infrastructure for  Visual C++ 2010 Solutions/Projects. There are many reasons motivating this changeover. For awhile now having to deal with two… Read more