CppCon Videos Available

In case you missed CppCon or attended but missed a few sessions (or want to review), videos for most of the talks are available on You Tube. There is plenty there for developers of all experience and temperament including: C++ in Microsoft Office: How Microsoft Uses C++ to Deliver Office Applications Across Windows, Apple, Android,… Read more

A Case of the Twitters

Do you watch the Twitterverse for interesting stuff about C++, development, life, the universe and everything? We do and in today’s post share some recent Tweets that crossed our (@visualc) path: Users are not morons, ok maybe we are. but if i screw up and shut it down guess what … i can restart it…. Read more

The Old New C++ Thing

I’ve spent many hours reading articles on Raymond Chen’s blog, The Old New Thing. It is one of the most popular blogs on MSDN with content ranging from concerts at the Seattle Symphony to Win32 and marriage and native programming. Included are a number of interesting articles with, on or about C++. Here is a… Read more

Ghost of VCBlog Posts Past

You don’t need to call Ghostbusters. Spend some time (re)reading some great posts from the Visual C++ team blog past. There really are some hidden gems in there! C++ Debugger Tips by Sergey Grankin (8/2006) describes the “special expression and format specifiers that you can use to better examine the content in the debugger’s watch… Read more

C++ in MSDN Magazine

Just in case you have forgotten to look at MSDN Magazine in the last few months, here are a few great articles from MVPs, Microsoft folks and other experts: Kenny Kerr writes the column Windows with C++. This month, the focus is regular expressions using modern C++. Previous articles include more about using fonts and… Read more

STL Resources on MSDN

Before reviewing the excellent standard template library resources on MSDN (including Channel 9), did you know Visual Studio 2013.1 (Update 1) is available now? Brian Harry writes about the release on his blog, mentioning that the release is smaller and focused on working better with IE versions prior to IE 10. It is worth a… Read more

Code Debugging Content in Community

A few days ago, we called out some of the great debugging topics on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Library. Here are some excellent resources outside of the MSDN Library (in no particular order except the last one): Simultaneously debugging script and managed/native code in Windows 8 (Kraig Brockschmidt) shares how to debug managed/native code at… Read more

Code Debugging Topics on MSDN

The MSDN Library is a rich source of information about Microsoft products and technologies including Visual Studio and Visual C++. This post calls out some of the great code debugging topics available for Visual C++ native code developers. The best starting point for (re)visiting debugging topics is the Debugger Roadmap. It contains links to many… Read more