Vcpkg: introducing installation options with Feature Packages

We are happy to announce a new feature for vcpkg in version 0.0.103: Feature Packages. Vcpkg is a package manager to help acquiring and building open source libraries on Windows; vcpkg currently offers over 600 C++ libraries available for VS2017 and VS2015. With Feature Packages you have more control over how you build a library… Read more

Vcpkg: Introducing the upgrade command

If you’re just getting started and want to learn more about vcpkg, check out our initial post. We recently added a new option to vcpkg (i.e. vcpkg contact –survey) to provide a direct way to share your feedback with the Vcpkg team. A big thank you to those of you that shared your thoughts and… Read more

Vcpkg updates: Static linking is now available

One month ago, we announced the availability of Vcpkg a command line tool to easily acquire and build open source C++ lib and consume it in Visual Studio 2015. The initial release provided only dynamic link libraries, but we heard your feedback, and we are pleased to announce static linking support with Vcpkg. To generate… Read more

Find Your Favorite Library for C++ in NuGet

Many of you may know that NuGet is the “go-to” library repository for .NET development, but what about using it for C++? The answer here may surprise you as many of the top open source C++ libraries are actually sitting in the NuGet gallery. For those who haven’t used NuGet before, NuGet is the package… Read more

Using Windows Azure Mobile Services from C++ Windows Store apps

Most good apps these days provide some kind of connected experience whether it is the ability to connect to existing popular web services (like Facebook, Twitter, SkyDrive etc.) or building their own custom backend based somewhere in the cloud.  Visual Studio 2013 provides support for both these scenarios for C++ developers.  For the former, it… Read more

Visual C++ Libraries Survey

The Visual C++ team wants to better understand how you use libraries in your day-to-day development work. Whether you’re publishing libraries, finding libraries that work on the Microsoft platforms for which you’re building your apps, or integrating libraries into your project and build systems, we want to hear from you so we can make the… Read more

C99 library support in Visual Studio 2013

Hello, I’m Pat Brenner, a developer on the Visual C++ Libraries team. In this blog post I want to share some information about the C99 support added to the C run-time library in Visual Studio 2013. To summarize, we added declarations and implementations for missing functions in the following headers: math.h, ctype.h, wctype.h, stdio.h, stdlib.h,… Read more

MFC support for MBCS deprecated in Visual Studio 2013

April 2017 update Regarding our work on migration to VC2015 last year, we decided to remove the warning about MBCS deprecation.We hear you and understand that too many “old and large” MFC projects depend on it and it is too costly for large projects to move to Unicode. For new or small existing projects we definitely… Read more

Deep Dive into NuGet Native (Part One)

Howdy! Today I thought I’d start explaining how NuGet supports C/C++ packages under the covers, and look into how one could (theoretically) manually construct a package without using the CoApp PowerShell tools.   As I mentioned before, C/C++ packages built for NuGet didn’t require a whole lot of change in NuGet itself—primarily because if we… Read more

NuGet for C++

The wait is over.  NuGet support for C++ projects is here. Quick Links• NuGet 2.5 Download page:• CoApp’s Powershell Tools Installer to create C++ NuGet packages:• Some C++ NuGet packages to try out: Start downloading, then head on back here to learn more about NuGet and how to create and use packages for C++ libraries. What… Read more