Code Debugging Content in Community

A few days ago, we called out some of the great debugging topics on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Library. Here are some excellent resources outside of the MSDN Library (in no particular order except the last one): Simultaneously debugging script and managed/native code in Windows 8 (Kraig Brockschmidt) shares how to debug managed/native code at… Read more

Microsoft Virtual Academy – C++: A General Purpose Language and Library

Interested in learning the basics of C++? Next Tuesday, November 19, Kate Gregory and James McNellis will be teaching a free introductory C++ course on Microsoft Virtual Academy, “C++: A General Purpose Language and Library.” Kate is a C++ expert and long-time Microsoft Visual C++ MVP; James is a developer on the Visual C++ Libraries… Read more

Good Stuff on Channel 9

Looking for the C++ Good Stuff? Have you visited Channel 9 lately? Getting started with C++/3D/WinStore Game Dev with the “Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit” demonstrated several features of Visual Studio useful in game development. It contains the starting point for a basic Direct3D game for the Windows Store. Grab the kit itself at Rx… Read more

Early Bird registration for C++ Now! ends Sunday

(A message on behalf of the C++ Now! staff)   This year’s program is very exciting with lots more content than previous years. This year we’ll have three keynotes: Howard Hinnant, Sean Parent, and David Vandevoorde. They are headlining three tracks of over fifty sessions including one track of C++11 sessions. With almost a full… Read more

Help Us Make Improvements

The Microsoft Visual Studio Design Research Team is looking for developers to give us direct feedback on our development tools, languages and libraries! Opportunities include usability studies of upcoming features, focus groups where we explore new ideas, as well as 1:1 interviews. Is this just about Visual Studio users? You do NOT need to be… Read more

GoingNative 2012 Online

Thanks to everyone who came to Redmond and/or watched online to participate in Going Native 2012, last week’s global C++-fest. It was a lot of fun, and generated a lot of useful and important talks that we hope will help continue disseminate understanding of C++11 throughout the global C++ community. All the videos and decks… Read more

The Microsoft C++ Compiler Turns 20!

This month, we enter the third decade of C++ at Microsoft. It was twenty years ago, in February of 1992, that we released our first C++ compiler: Microsoft C/C++ 7.0. Before then, we already worked with several of the C++ “preprocessor” compilers that took C++ and converted it to C before our compiler then created… Read more

The Magic of Going Native 2012 Starts Today!

UPDATE: We are already streaming live!! Are you guys ready? This is the agenda for this event happening during today and tomorrow. Day 1 – C++11 Today [Keynote ] 9:30-11:00AM PST (1730 – 1900 UTC) — Bjarne Stroustrup: C++11 Style 11:15-12:15PM PST (1915 – 2015 UTC) – Hans Boehm: Threads and Shared Variables in C++11… Read more

Announcing GoingNative 2012 Conference

We know developers are hungry for information about native development. The GoingNative conference  aims to provide current technical information to as many people as possible. Register now! GoingNative 2012 is a 48 hour technical event for those who push the boundaries of general purpose computing by exploiting the true capabilities of the underlying machine: C++… Read more

C9::GoingNative: Visual C++ Upcoming IDE Demos, a CRT Talk and More!!

Greetings! Charles Torre and I came back with the second episode of Channel 9 Going Native –which is actually episode 1, considering that C++, as a C-like language, starts indexing from 0. This time we follow up from a recent article that my colleague and friend Sumit Kumar (Program Manager in the Visual C++ team)… Read more