Visual Studio Rename Refactor Helper for Visual Studio 2013

The C++ language is large and complex with context-sensitive syntax subtleties that make it difficult to create a reliable and fast rename refactoring tool. For years we wanted to include rename refactoring in Visual C++ but it never quite made it. We were concerned about scalability, performance and accuracy for different user scenarios. Rename refactoring… Read more

Exploring the Visual C++ Browse Database

Hello, this is Jim Springfield.  This post will cover some low-level details about how we represent information in the browse database in VS 2010.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we are using SQL Server Compact Edition (SSCE) for storing information about all of the C, C++, and IDL files in your solution.  I… Read more

IntelliSense/Browsing options in VC++ 2010

Now that Dev10 is getting close to release I want to describe in detail the various options we have included for controlling browsing and IntelliSense in VC++.  Note:  All information here is specifically about C and C++ and does not apply to C# or VB.  Some of the information contained in this blog will be… Read more