Precompiled Header Files in Visual Studio 2010

Hello, this is Andy Rich from the Visual C++ front-end team. Today, I’ll be discussing the use of precompiled header files (aka PCH files) in our new intellisense architecture. Back in May, Boris briefly mentioned an intellisense optimization based on precompiled header technology. This post will elaborate on that comment by providing a glimpse into… Read more

Visual C++ Precompiled Header Errors on Windows 7

Several customers have encountered the following error while using the Visual C++ compiler on Windows 7:   fatal error C1859: ‘stdafx.pch’ unexpected precompiled header error, simply rerunning the compiler might fix this problem   This error manifests under the following conditions: ·         The Visual C++ compiler is invoked on Windows 7. ·         Precompiled header (PCH)… Read more