C++ Edit and Continue in Visual Studio 2015 Update 3

We’ve been continuing to improve on C++ Edit and Continue (EnC) since we shipped it in Visual Studio 2015 with the default debug engine and the VC 140 toolset. We’ve addressed a fair bit of customer feedback and based on this, I’ll go over the latest developments in C++ EnC for Update 3 (download) and other… Read more

Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 RC Available

Hello. Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 Release Candidate (known issues) is available now. It includes a number of goodies for C++ developers, but before we take a look, the Visual C++ team wants to thank everyone who has provided feedback over the last year. Your comments and suggestions (and frowns) have helped us plan and… Read more

GoingNative 32: C++17 Sneak Preview

From Sneak Preview of C++17 Channel9: Join us with ISO Committee member (and Microsoft as well, of course =P) Gabriel Dos Reis, who graciously took the time to give us the inside scoop of some things that made it into C++17, as well as things that got taken out. All this is fresh off the press of the… Read more

iOS / Linux Cross-Platform C++ Survey

We want you to take another survey. Many of you continue to participate in our surveys and opt-in for one-on-one conversations about your development habits. Your feedback helps us better understand the peculiarities of cross-platform development and the challenges of specific platforms when it comes to C++. Again we return to you for help understanding… Read more

Visual C++ Compiler on Rise4Fun

As you know, through CTPs and Preview releases, we have been trying to make the Visual C++ compiler bits available more frequently.  In the same line, we have now decided to provide a view into the live development branch for the Visual C++ compiler through the website http://rise4fun.com/vcpp. This site allows you to compile simple… Read more

All about C++ Refactoring in Visual Studio 2015 Preview

Hello C++ World! Update (1/6/2015): Check out all these features in action — as well as how they’ve been improved since Preview — in this video! With Wednesday’s release of Visual Studio 2015 Preview, we are pleased to present you with new and improved coding productivity features, not the least of which is (finally) Refactoring for… Read more

Visual Studio 2015 Preview is Now Available

Today with the Visual Studio 2015 Preview, one of the big things we’ve done is improved the C++ experience, adding support for targeting Android, boosting runtime and build-time performance, improving standards compliance, and improving the editor experience. The Preview is available here for download and as a VM that you can run in Azure (if… Read more

Speeding up the Incremental Developer Build Scenario

Overview One of the major focus areas for Visual C++ lately has been improving developer productivity. Keeping this in mind a plethora of improvements have been introduced with Visual Studio 2015 preview (download here) aimed at the developer incremental scenario. The developer incremental scenario is one where a developer changes a single or multiple source… Read more

C++ Tools Acquisition for Windows Phone and Store Development

Through this blog post we wanted to inform you that C++ apps in Visual Studio 2015 Preview will be able to target Windows 8.1 Store and Phone development along with Windows 8.0 Phone development.  Everything mentioned below is relevant only for Windows Store and Windows Phone apps. To provide this experience for the users VS… Read more

Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Visual C++

Overview Modern application customers are demanding applications be available for multiple device platforms (such as Windows,  Android and iOS). Today there exist multiple approaches in writing applications which target these device platforms. One approach is to simply create multiple versions of the application in different source trees-in other words a Windows specific version, an iOS specific version and an Android specific… Read more