CRT Initialization

Hi, I’m George Mileka and I work on the Visual C++ libraries team. My team owns the CRT, ATL, MFC and STL… One subject I have always been interested in is the startup code and initialization. The subject got even more challenging as we started supporting mixing native and managed code in our binaries. Today… Read more

Visual C++ Orcas Forums

You can now discuss Viscual C++ Orcas releated issues on the Orcas MSDN Forums. The Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas” September 2006 CTP is now available so download this release to see what features are beginning to come online.  The Visual C++ team will be monitoring this forum and we’re looking forward to your questions and… Read more

What goes into a Service Pack?

With the VS 2003 Service Pack 1 released and the VS 2005 Service Pack 1 release imminent, it’s a good time to talk about what Visual C++ Service Packs contain and the rationale behind this.   The primary purpose of a Service Pack is to improve the stability of the product over what was initially shipped…. Read more

Servicing: The History of Visual Studio… Today!

Hello everyone, my name is Jamie Eckman.  I am a Software Design Engineer in Test (or SDET, for short) on the Visual C++ Libraries team, and have been for the last two and a half years.  Usually I’m in charge of testing ATL Server and our new STL/CLR library, but recently I’ve been working on… Read more

Orcas CTP now includes STL/CLR

The Visual C++ team is pleased to announce that a public release of STL/CLR has been included in the current Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas” September 2006 CTP.  STL/CLR is an implementation of the Standard Template Library (STL) that can be used for storing .Net types in STL-like containers. It also provides STL-like iterators and… Read more

Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Beta is now available

The Visual C++ team is excited to announce that the VS2005 Service Pack (SP1) Beta is now available to customers!  This Service Pack includes over 2,000 bug fixes, as well as Hotfixes and General Distribution Release Updates (GDRs).  As for Visual C++, you will find over 400 bug fixes, the largest number of any of… Read more

Mixing deterministic and non-deterministic cleanup

Hi, my name is Alan Chan.  I’m a software design engineer in Visual C++ libraries team.  As the name suggests, my team owns some of the C/C++ libraries such as ATL, MFC, CRT, STL, and OpenMP.  Today, I’m going to talk about one very interesting COM interop bug that I have worked on recently.   … Read more

Managed Debugger Expression Evaluator

   Hi, my name is James Wang and I am a software design engineer in the Visual C++ Front End team.  One of my testing areas is C++ debugger expression evaluators.  That is the engine that evaluate the expressions you put in the debugger watch windows. Currently, the Visual Studio 2005 ships two versions of the… Read more

UAC, Windows Vista & VS 2005

Hi, my name is Li Shao. I am a Software Design Engineer in Test in Visual C++ team. In this post, I am going to briefly talk about Vista new security feature and how it is going to affect some of the VC scenarios. User Account Control (UAC) is a security feature in Windows Vista…. Read more

A Problem of Scale

Hello, my name is Ben Anderson and I’m a Software Design Engineer in Test for the Visual C++ libraries team which is currently responsible for testing ATL, MFC, C Runtime, ATL Server, OpenMP and several other technologies.  As I am currently assigned to QA on some of our new MFC Vista features, I’d like to… Read more