Visual Studio.NET 2003 Service Pack 1 Released

The Visual C++ Release team is pleased to announce the release of Visual Studio .NET 2003 Service Pack 1.  On August 15, 2006, this release became available to the public and can be downloaded or obtained on CD.  Information on how to obtain the Service Pack is listed below.   All of us on the… Read more

Thoughts on the Visual C++ Abstract Syntax Tree (AST)

Hello, my name is Jason Lucas and I’m a senior software development engineer working on the Visual C++ front-end team.  I noticed there were some questions (ok, maybe one question) about getting access to our compiler’s AST and, as this is an area I’m actually working on, I thought I’d talk a little about it…. Read more

Introducing Damien Watkins

Hello   My name is Damien Watkins and I am one of the newest members of the Visual C++ team, having been here for just one month. To understand how I fit into the team here, I’m a program manager reporting to Steve Teixeira and will be involved in coordinating activities between our group and… Read more

C++ Debugger Tips

Hi, my name is Sergey Grankin and I’m a developer on the VC++ IDE Team.  I mostly work on the C++ debugger expression evaluators — the code responsible for the magic behind the debugger watch windows.    Visual Studio’s (native) C++ debugger has many useful features that can make your debugging much more pleasant, if you know… Read more

Libraries work in Orcas

Hi! My name is Ale Contenti. I’m a developer on the Visual C++ Libraries Team. I work on the CRT (C Run Time, i.e. strcpy() and printf(), like I always explain to my friends), SCL (Standard C++ Library, i.e. STL and streams), ATL and MFC. I also happen to work for Martyn, which blogged here… Read more

VC++ Compiler Front-End Testing

Hi, my name is Liu Xiong. I am the test lead for the Microsoft Visual C++ Front End QA team. Our passion is shipping the greatest C++ compiler to our customers. We are a very customer oriented team. The big challenge for us is protecting our C++ users from compiler breaking changes, while we also… Read more

UI Testing Concerns

The Visual C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) includes an assortment of features including the VC++ Project System, Browsing and Intellisense, the debugger, Resource Editor, code and project wizards, and more.  These features are expressed in the product to the user through the UI and/or backend engine level components.  In testing these features, QA must employ… Read more

What has the VC++ Team Been Doing since VS 2005 Shipped?

Hi! My name is Shaun Miller and I’m the test lead for the Visual C++ Release and IDE quality assurance teams. I’ve been around Microsoft for the last 10 years and Visual C++ has been a big part of my experience here. We’ve been very busy on the Visual C++ team since we shipped VS… Read more

How do we test our libraries?

Hi, my name is Jeff Peil and I’m the QA lead on the VC++ libraries team.  Today I wanted to talk a little bit about how we test our libraries.  One of the biggest challenges with libraries is that we don’t just ship them to our customers directly, but that code gets included in the… Read more

Tech Ed 2006

Boris Jabes – a program manager on the Visual C++ IDE team – has posted impressions of Tech Ed 2006 on his blog.  He shares insights into what went on at the conference and the issues customers brought up.  Check it out here. Thanks,The Visual C++ Team… Read more