Marshaling Library in Orcas

Hi, I am Weidong Huang, an SDET on the VC++ library team.  I joined MS six months ago and have had a wonderful experience so far. In this post, I would like to talk about a new feature of Orcas, the Marshaling Library, which is also the first feature I’ve worked on at MS. What… Read more

Visual Studio Express Orcas

The Community Technology Preview of the Visual Studio Express “Orcas” product is available for download now. Try out the CTP for the Visual C++ “Orcas” Express Edition and let us know your feedback. You can use the VC++ Orcas Forums to discuss relates issues. Looking forward to your feedback! Thanks, The Visual C++ Development Team…. Read more

Header files and the preprocessor – Can’t Live With ’em, Can’t Live Without ’em

Hello, my name is Richard Russo.  I’m the newest member of the Visual C++ compiler front-end developer team, having started in January.  I’m not new to MS though as I spent the last three years working on Windows Vista.  I’m excited to be on the front-end team because compiler development has been a hobby of… Read more

Channel 9: VC++ Safe Libraries and More

Our Channel 9 season continues, this time with a video featuring Ale Contenti, Senior Development Lead on the VC++ libraries team. Much of Ale’s recent work has been on the Safe Libraries (for example, the Safe CRT). Here Ale talks about making the STL safer and goes deep explaining how checked and unchecked iterators work… Read more

Resource Editor Updates for Orcas

Hi, My name is Bogdan Mihalcea; I’m a developer in the Visual C++ IDE team. In the course of the last few months we have updated the Resource Editor to support new Windows Vista features and guidelines. We concentrated our efforts around the Dialog Editor, Image Editor and Icon Editor. Below you will find a… Read more

Visual C++ Orcas Feature Specifications online

To allow customers to evaluate and plan for our upcoming “Visual Studio Orcas” release (and to highlight exactly what we have accomplished), we are sharing our Orcas Feature Specifications as soon as features make it out the door – either via a Community Technology Preview (CTP) or, in the future, as part of an Orcas… Read more

The Cost of a Test Defect

Hi, I’m Marina Polishchuk, an SDET on the VC++ Compiler Front End team.  Recently, I have been working on investigating Orcas test pass results, which involves validating and reproducing the results, researching into causes of failures, and filing bugs when appropriate.  This is a typical activity for an SDET throughout the latter stages of our… Read more

Custom Wizards

My name is Martha Wieczorek; I am a Software Design Engineer in Test in Visual C++ IDE team. I am going to talk about Custom Wizards and the changes made to this wizard in Visual Studio codename Orcas.   Wizard is the name for a Visual Studio feature that facilitates the creation of new projects… Read more

Channel 9: Marshalling Library and Vista Development with VC++

The latest Channel 9 video by the Visual C++ team has just been released. This video features Sarita Bafna, a PM on the libraries team, talking about a few of our latest features which are previewed in the March CTP:   MFC support for Vista IDE support for Vista Native-Managed Marshalling Library “MFC support for… Read more

Spy++ Update

Hi, Pat Brenner again.  I recently posted an article about Spy++ internals.  I have some updates that I want to share with you.  Some of this article will be clearer if you first read that one.   First, Spy++ has been updated for Visual Studio codename Orcas to handle the new common controls/messages/flags added in… Read more