ATL Server: Shared Source Release Now Available!

ATL Server is now released as a shared source project on!  You can download all the source to ATL Server and use it with recently released March CTP of Visual Studio codename Orcas.  The release of this code allows developers to innovate and evolve the library to meet needs of their applications. To learn more,… Read more

Managed Incremental Build

Real-world solutions typically consist of multiple projects – often many projects. The projects are usually related to each other in some sort of dependency relationship. For example, consider a solution with 3 primary output targets (P1-3), a few intermediate components (I1-5), and a few shared dlls (L1-3). The dependencies might look something like this (totally… Read more

Channel 9: Front-end QA

Meet Marina Polishchuk from the Visual C++ QA team in this new video on Channel 9!  Marina helps test the front-end to ensure the best possible quality in the compiler.  Learn more about how she goes about this task by watching the video at Thanks, The Visual C++ Team!… Read more

STL: Destructor of Bugs

I’m the newest developer on the Visual C++ Libraries team. My true name is Stephan T. Lavavej, but I often use my extremely convenient initials. I moved here at the beginning of this year after working on and finishing Outlook 2007 Search.   You know how some people are fans of the Harry Potter novels,… Read more

Managing a Huge Test Matrix with Automation

Hi, my name is Matt Travis and I’m an SDET on the Visual C++ Front End team.  In addition to my work on the Front End, I’ve been working on an automated rolling test system to help manage the huge test matrix we have in Visual C++.  Our next release, Orcas, will have to run… Read more

Channel 9: Dive into STL/CLR

In this new Channel 9 video, Nikola Dudar dives deep into the STL/CLR functionality shipping in Orcas.  If you want to take advantage of BCL while using STL syntax and idioms, then this technology is for you.  Watch the video or read his previous blog post to learn more! Thanks, The Visual C++ team!… Read more

Channel 9: Visual C++ Today and Tomorrow

Bill Dunlap and Steve Teixeira from the Visual C++ development team talk about product strategy on Channel 9.  If you want to know where Visual C++ is heading, then you’ll definitely want to watch this interview.  Check out the video at   Thanks,   The Visual C++ Team!… Read more

Digging Into Problems

Hello my name is Steven Toscano, I am an SDET Tech Lead on the Visual C++ team.  I am currently working in the IDE group focusing on improving our testing methodologies and expanding our library of tools.  I’ve been a member of many teams across Visual C++ during my 7 year career including front-end, back-end… Read more

Using Code Coverage to Improve Orcas Quality

Hi, my name is Ann Zhou and I’m an SDET (Software Design Engineer in Test) tech lead on the Visual C++ Libraries team. Today I would like to share with you something that we have been doing to improve the quality of our testing in Orcas. After we shipped VS2005, the Developer Division and the… Read more

ATL Server: Visual C++ shared source software

Overview   The Visual C++ team is very pleased to announce our plans to release the source code of ATL Server as a shared source project on CodePlex in March 2007. With this release you will now have the opportunity to add all the features and functionality you want to ATL Server and you can… Read more