Channel 9: Ale Contenti and Louis Lafreniere – Understanding Exceptions and When/How to Handle Them

During Ale Contenti’s first Channel 9 video (VC++ Safe Libraries and More) he was asked how the Safe CRT worked with exceptions.  This was a great question, but too much to handle at the time.  Ale suggested the topic was worth a whole other video…and so here it is!  Ale is joined in this video… Read more

Visual C++ Libraries Development Regression Tests

Hi, my name is Pat Brenner and I’m a software design engineer on the Visual C++ libraries team.  I’d like to spend some time talking about our process for preventing regressions in our libraries code.   After I joined the libraries team about a year ago, I was told about the set of sniff tests… Read more

What Does a VC++ QA Do Daily?

Hello everyone, this is Smile Wei, an SDET (QA) in the VC Compiler team. This is not only my first blog on vcblog, but also my first ever blog. As you might have guessed, I’m a new face around here, joining Microsoft only 3 ½ months ago. Here I’d like to give a brief introduction… Read more

"Build On The Fly" Testing

Hello. This is Pengpeng again.  I wrote a blog not long ago talking about security testing for the Visual C++ IDE as a parser. The IDE is definitely a lot more than just a parser. Among other things, it provides an integrated software development experience with browsing, go to definition, go to declaration, quick info,… Read more

QA Gauntlet

Hello.  I’m Rob Huyett, an SDET on the VC Libraries team.  My topic for today isn’t really anything about new technology, or the wonders of Orcas, or anything like that.  It’s really just to give you all a little view of how things work around here.  I’m writing today to talk about one of the… Read more

What Compiler Does the Compiler Team Use…and Decoding Version Numbers

Hi: Jonathan Caves here.  Recently I received some queries from users wanting to know what version of the Visual C++ compiler I use in my daily work. Well…that’s not really a simple question as I tend to use several different versions of the compiler.   <aside> Before I proceed a little aside on decoding the… Read more

Visual C++ Code Model

Hi, my name is Vytautas Leonavičius, and I’m recent addition to VC++ IDE dev team. My focus areas are VC Wizards and VC++ Code Model (CM). Today, I’d like to talk about future of the CM. In a sentence (actually, two sentencesJ), the VC++ CM is a collection of classes that allows a client to… Read more

The Future of the C++ Language

Hello, world!  Today, I (Stephan T. Lavavej, library dev) would like to present one question and one Orcas bugfix.   First, the question: What is the future of C++?  Or, phrased crudely, does C++ have a future?  Will it grow and evolve, with programmers using it in new application domains and finding ways to use… Read more

Soma Blog: Visual C++ Futures

Earlier this week Soma, Vice President for the Microsoft Developer Division, blogged about the future of Visual C++.  Please check out what he has to say and feel free to leave comments for him on our strategy.  You can check out his blog at  The Visual C++ Development Team… Read more