Testing Compiler Diagnostics…and a Cool IDE Tip!

Hello everyone, this is Jamie Eckman.  The last time I posted I was an SDET (tester) on the Libraries team.  I’ve since moved to the Compiler team, still as an SDET.  One thing we see a lot of on both teams is compiler diagnostics: warnings and errors. One of our Libraries developers, Stephan T. Lavavej,… Read more

"How Do I" Videos

A number of “How Do I” videos for native development are now available on MSDN.  These videos are designed to help developers new to Visual C++ 2005 become more productive using the environment.  You can check out this training at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/visualc/bb496952.aspx   The Visual C++ Development Team… Read more

Support Policy for ATL Server Library

Recently the VC++ team released ATL Server as a shared source library on Codeplex.com  to allow its user community to enhance the library in different directions and at a faster pace than we are able to support. Since then we have received some questions about how this impacts the support policy for ATL Server. The… Read more

Visual Studio 2008 (Orcas) Beta 2 Now Available!

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (codename “Orcas”) Beta 2 is now available for download.  We encourage you to download and try this early release. As the goal of this preview is to gather feedback from the developer community, please use Microsoft Connect to report any issues, or to suggest improvements.  You can use the VC++ Orcas… Read more

Class Designer Needs Your Feedback!

Dear all,   Class Designer is a tool in Visual Studio which enables visualization of class structures, class building and refactoring. It uses a diagramming notation that is loosely based on the UML Class Diagram standard, but presents specific language terminology. Class Designer was first introduced in Visual Studio 2005, with support for the VB… Read more

Visual C++ has left the building (well a couple of us will)

Hello   Getting out of the office and meeting customers in their own surroundings is something we are always extremely eager to do. Along these lines, Jonathan Caves, Boris Jabes and myself will be heading to Israel at the end of the month for a couple of events being organized by Yosi and other team… Read more

Testing the IntelliSense engine

Hi, I am James Wang, an SDET on the VC++ Compiler Front End team. Currently, I am working on designing the test architecture for the new IntelliSense engine. I am responsible to design tests that make sure the IntelliSense engine gives correct answer for quick info, member list, parameter help, and etc. Currently we have… Read more

Why your application fails to load after building with a new version of VS?

In this blog post I would like to outline how the build decides the CRT dependencies and what that means to the user. This basic trouble shooting guide should come in handy for diagnosing dependency errors. Please note that Nikola’s blog is an awesome source for additional help (http://blogs.msdn.com/nikolad/).   ** Where does an application… Read more

Fixing "Unsatisfied forward declaration" error from MIDL

Earlier this week I was helping a customer port some code from Visual Studio 2005 to a beta build of Orcas when we noticed an interesting change of behavior in how the new version of midl.exe (from the Windows Vista SDK release) was parsing code.  In case you run into the issue, here’s a brief… Read more

Fuzz Testing

Hello. My name is Pengpeng Wang, a new VC++ IDE QA member. I joined Microsoft and the VC++ IDE team just a little over four months ago. These four months have been quite an experience for me. It still seems like yesterday that I was struggling with my first .NET “hello world” assignment. My mentor,… Read more