Side-by-side minor version MSVC toolsets in Visual Studio 2017

We’ve been delivering improvements to Visual Studio 2017 more frequently than ever before. Since its first release in March we’ve released four major updates to VS2017 and are currently previewing the fifth update, VS2017 version 15.5. The MSVC toolset in VS2017 is built as a minor version update to the VS2015 compiler toolset. This minor… Read more

Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension Nov 2017 update – Multi-root workspaces support is here!

This week has been very exciting for the Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension! It crossed 4 million downloads earlier this week only 18 months after its first release! Today, we are shipping the November 2017 update, which enables the extension to work with multi-root workspaces seamlessly, making VS Code an even more powerful C/C++ development… Read more

Visual Studio Build Tools now include the VS2017 and VS2015 MSVC Toolsets

点这里看中文版 The Visual C++ Build tools have been a huge success since we introduced them two years ago. The C++ Build Tools were originally released as a standalone installer that only laid down the tools required to build C++ projects without installing the Visual Studio IDE. Many developers have found them useful in environments that… Read more

Customizing your Environment with Visual C++ and Open Folder

点这里看中文版 Ever since we shipped support for opening a folder of C++ code, the community has been asking for more control over their build and editing environments.  To achieve this, we have added new ways to customize your environment with CppProperties.json in the latest version of Visual Studio 2017. This new customization surface enables you… Read more

Unit Testing: Test Adapter for Boost.Test goes in-box!

If you’re just getting started and want to learn more about C++ Unit Testing, check out our tutorial.  We’re back at it again with the built-in unit test framework support! Last week we announced Visual Studio is shipping with Google Test support. This week, we are excited to reveal that Visual Studio now ships with… Read more

C++/WinRT is now included the Windows SDK

If you write code for the Universal Windows Platform you’re familiar with the C++/CX language extensions. These extensions let the compiler create “language projections” for the Windows Runtime (WinRT). Language projections encapsulate the underlying WinRT APIs so that they can be called in a natural fashion. The C++/WinRT project creates these language projections in standard… Read more

CMake Support in Visual Studio – Import Your CMake Cache

点这里看中文版 Configuring a CMake project to build in just the way you want can often be a time intensive process, so in Visual Studio 2017 15.5 preview we have made it easier than ever to import your existing CMake projects and cache configurations into the IDE.  You can now import an existing CMakeCache.txt file and… Read more

Unit Testing: Test Adapter for Google Test goes in-box!

If you’re just getting started and want to learn more about C++ Unit Testing, check out our tutorial.  Here on the Visual C++ team, we want to make your unit testing experience as enjoyable as possible. Microsoft’s native unit test framework has shipped with Visual Studio for a while, but we know C++ developers may… Read more

Vcpkg: Using multiple enlistments

Vcpkg allows you to acquire and build 3rd party libraries on Windows. Once cloned, the vcpkg directory (enlistment) provides a stable set of libraries that are all compatible and based on the latest published version of these libraries. Occasionally, you may need different versions of the same library. By design, you can’t have two different… Read more