Using C++17 Parallel Algorithms for Better Performance

This post is part of a regular series of posts where the C++ product team here at Microsoft and other guests answer questions we have received from customers. The questions can be about anything C++ related: MSVC toolset, the standard language and library, the C++ standards committee,, CppCon, etc. Today’s post is by Billy… Read more

Visual Studio 2017 Throughput Improvements and Advice

点这里看中文版 As C++ programs get larger and larger and the optimizer becomes more complex the compiler’s build time, or throughput, increasingly comes into focus. It’s something that needs to be continually addressed as new patterns emerge and take hold (such as “unity” builds in gaming). It’s something we’re focusing on here in the Visual C++… Read more

MSVC code optimizer improvements in Visual Studio 2017 versions 15.5 and 15.3

In this post, we’d like to give you an update on the significant progress the Visual C++ code optimizer made in the past year, focused mostly on the features released in the 15.3 and 15.5 versions. Compared to VS2015 Update 3, VS2017 15.5 provides on average an 8.9% increase in runtime speed in the SPEC… Read more

Faster C++ build cycle in VS 2017 with /Debug:fastlink

Continuing with our goal of further improving developer productivity with Visual Studio 2017 there have been major investments made for also improving incremental developer builds. The developer incremental build is one where a developer changes a single or multiple source files and builds. The time spent in these builds is almost equal to the time… Read more

Faster C++ solution load with VS 2017

The Visual C++ product has had projects ever since its inception.  Visual C++ had its own IDE up through Visual Studio 6.  Starting in Visual Studio .NET, C++ moved to a new IDE shared by Visual Basic, C#, C++, and other tools.  This new IDE used COM everywhere and items in the Solution Explorer were… Read more