Using multi-stage containers for C++ development

⏱ February 6, 2019 to correct a reference to glibc not gcc, and to point to VS Code walkthrough of this sample. Containers are a great tool for configuring reproducible build environments. It’s fairly easy to find Dockerfiles that provide various C++ environments. Unfortunately, it is hard to find guidance on how to use newer techniques… Read more

C++ development with Docker containers in Visual Studio Code

Containers allow developers to package up an application with all the parts it needs, such as libraries and other dependencies, and ship it all out as one image. This is especially useful for C++ cross-platform development – with containers you can choose to target a platform that runs on a completely different operating system than… Read more

Using MSVC in a Docker Container for Your C++ Projects

Containers encapsulate the runtime environment of an application: the file system, environment settings, and virtualized OS are bundled into a package. Docker containers have changed the way we think about build and test environments since they were introduced five years ago. Visual Studio’s setup and install expert, Heath Stewart, blogs regularly about how to install… Read more