Visual C++ for Linux Development

⏱ Updated on November 26, 2018 to point to new post covering cross platform C++ development for Linux and Windows starting from an open source CMake project.  This post evolved over time as we added capabilities to the Linux C++ workload. We have written a new post that covers cross platform C++ development for Linux and… Read more

Target Windows XP in Visual Studio 11 Beta using the Visual Studio 2010 compiler and libraries

In my previous blog I talked about how in Visual Studio 11 we have eliminated the need to convert your Visual Studio 2010 C++ projects in order to adopt the new IDE. The blog also mentioned that you can build your projects using Visual Studio 2010 compiler (tools and libraries) from within Visual Studio 11… Read more

C++11 Features in Visual C++ 11

UPDATE – March 2, 2012: the range-based for-loop and override/final v1.0 have been implemented in VC11 Beta.   There’s a new C++ Standard and a new version of Visual C++, and it’s time to reveal what features from the former we’re implementing in the latter! Terminology notes: During its development, the new C++ Standard was… Read more

Quick Tour Of New MFC Functionality

Hi I’m Pat Brenner, a developer on the Visual C++ libraries team.  I’m pleased to give you a sneak peek at a major MFC update we’ve been working on.  Since we’re adding a number of cool new user interface components to MFC, this blog post is going to be graphics heavy.  I’d much rather show… Read more

C/C++ extension for Visual Studio Code

Post updated on 12/11/2017 with content updated to reflect the features in the latest version Post updated on 10/26/2016 to add a section about how to use task extensibility to build your C++ code Post updated on 8/29/2016, Aug release of C++ extension. Introduced support for debugging Windows apps and improvements to Clang format Post updated… Read more

C++ Modules in VS 2015 Update 1

点这里看中文版 [This post was written by Gabriel Dos Reis and Andrew Pardoe] Update: See this post on using the Standard Library via modules in MSVC. The VC++ team is excited to preview a new feature in VS 2015 Update 1: The first experimental implementation of A Module System for C++, proposed for C++17. That proposal was… Read more

Introducing the Universal CRT

In June of last year we published a pair of articles discussing the major changes that we had made to the Visual C++ C Runtime (CRT) for Visual Studio 2015. In “The Great C Runtime (CRT) Refactoring” we explained the major architectural changes that we had made to the CRT. In “C Runtime (CRT) Features,… Read more

Lambdas, auto, and static_assert: C++0x Features in VC10, Part 1

The Visual C++ compiler in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 September Community Technology Preview (CTP) contains support for four C++0x language features, namely lambdas, auto, static_assert, and rvalue references.  Today, I’m going to explain the first three features in detail.  (And I’m going to dedicate an entire post to explaining rvalue references in the near… Read more

Visual Studio 2017 RC Now Available

Visual Studio 2017 RC (previously known as Dev “15”) is now available. There is a lot of stuff for C++ to love in this release: Give Visual C++ a Switch to Standard Conformance. Use the opt-in /permissive switch to compile your C++ code in a mode much closer to ISO C++ standards conformance. Watch the video C++… Read more

Rejuvenating the Microsoft C/C++ Compiler

点这里看中文版 Our compiler is old.  There are comments in the source from 1982, which was when Microsoft was just starting its own C compiler project.  The comments of that person (Ralph Ryan) led me to a paper he published in 1985 called “The C Programming Language and a C Compiler”.  It is an interesting read… Read more