Asynchronous programming in C++ using resumable functions and await

As you know we recently released the Visual C++ Compiler November 2013 CTP. One of the many features in this CTP is the support for resumable functions and await. In this blog post, I want to touch upon some examples where these features make the experience of programming with asynchronous API much simpler. Example 1… Read more

Developer Activities Survey Results Overview

Hi there! A few months ago, some of you took a survey on C++ developer activities, the results of which will be used to hone in on which areas to improve for the next release of Visual Studio. I wanted to take some time to share with you the preliminary results of the survey. Without… Read more

Performance++ with Visual C++ 2013

For Visual Studio 2013 we have continued to improve the analysis performed by the Visual C++ compiler so it can produce code that runs faster than before. In this blog we highlight some of the many improvements that Visual Studio 2013 has in store for you. This blog is intended to provide you an overview… Read more

Visual C++ in 2013 and Beyond – Q&A

Did you watch Charles Torre’s discussion with Ale Contenti, Tarek Madkour and Herb Sutter at the Visual Studio 2013 Virtual Launch last month? The team answered a number of questions from Charles and the community on topics ranging from refactoring to PEX. In case you missed the video (or missed some of the answers), the… Read more

C++11/14 Core Language Features in VS 2013 and the Nov 2013 CTP

Although we’ve listed the C++11 Core Language features available in VS 2013 and the C++11/14 Core Language features available in the Nov 2013 CTP, I haven’t published a table on VCBlog. (Previous tables: VS 2008 and VS 2010, VS 2012.) MSDN updated their table for VS 2013, but it doesn’t cover the CTP.   So,… Read more

C++ AMP to target Khronos SPIR and HSAIL

The Parallel Programming in Native Code blog recently announced Clang support for C++ AMP via LLVM backend. This is a key milestone in our commitment (as mentioned in Somasegar’s blog) to share the C++ AMP specification to all C++ developers, regardless of whether they’re using Visual C++ or not. Portability across hardware and platforms is… Read more

Visual Studio Rename Refactor Helper for Visual Studio 2013

The C++ language is large and complex with context-sensitive syntax subtleties that make it difficult to create a reliable and fast rename refactoring tool. For years we wanted to include rename refactoring in Visual C++ but it never quite made it. We were concerned about scalability, performance and accuracy for different user scenarios. Rename refactoring… Read more

Announcing the Visual C++ Compiler November 2013 CTP

Last year in November, we released an out-of-band customer technology preview (CTP) of the Visual C++ compiler. It contained preview versions of C++11 features which we subsequently fully released in Visual Studio 2012. At that time, and at GoingNative 2013 this year, we promised to keep releasing these CTPs to show our progress towards full… Read more

Visual Studio 2013 Virtual Launch is here!

The worldwide launch of Visual Studio 2013 is today. Join Microsoft executives S. Somasegar, Scott Guthrie, and Brian Harry at 7:00am PST for the keynote. Other events will follow throughout the day. Sessions will be recorded and shared later if you can’t catch them all live. Visual C++ developers will want to tune in to… Read more

Microsoft Virtual Academy – C++: A General Purpose Language and Library

Interested in learning the basics of C++? Next Tuesday, November 19, Kate Gregory and James McNellis will be teaching a free introductory C++ course on Microsoft Virtual Academy, “C++: A General Purpose Language and Library.” Kate is a C++ expert and long-time Microsoft Visual C++ MVP; James is a developer on the Visual C++ Libraries… Read more