Friday Miscellany #2

We recently requested feedback on native debugging ( and your C++ build experience ( These surveys are still open, but I wanted to share some of the written feedback we have received: “Listen to the community, solve bugs from Connect. :p” “Performance Open C++ solution with 500 projects takes forever” “Over half of my users are… Read more

Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 Now Available!

Today, Soma announced the availability of the Visual Studio 2012 Update 1! You can install it either from the download page (see “Visual Studio 2012 Update 1” under the “Additional software” section). As promised, you can now use the Visual C++ compiler and libraries to target Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. To target Windows XP: In Solution… Read more

Using the Windows 8 SDK with Visual Studio 2010 – configuring multiple projects

A few months ago, we wrote about how to use the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8 within your Visual Studio 2010 projects.  These instructions work great if you are updating just one project, but if you need to use the Windows 8 SDK in many projects, repeating these steps for each project can be tedious…. Read more

Another Earful: Debugging Survey

The Visual C++ build experience survey ( has almost passed the 250 response mark on the way to 500 responses. Thank you to everyone who has already provided feedback. To those that have not yet had a chance to take the survey, please consider spending ~10 minutes sharing your thoughts with the team. Your help… Read more

Give Us an Earful: Visual C++ Build Survey

Need a quick 10 minute break from developing your latest Visual C++ masterpiece? Want to give us feedback about your project build experience? Yes? Then we have a link for you: There are a mix of questions including an invitation for further discussion if you opt in. We look forward to your feedback and… Read more

Friday Miscellany #1

Some links for your consideration. Don McCrady published Introducing Shevlin Park–A Proof of Concept C++ AMP Implementation on OpenCL over on the Parallel Programming in Native Code blog. Check out the links to videos, getting started material, and samples. The Reactive Extensions (Rx) is a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs using observable sequences… Read more

Native Development Experience in Windows Embedded Compact 2013

In windows embedded compact 2013, we are updating the native developer experience to the latest and greatest experience available via Visual Studio 2012. With this update, we are essentially bringing 2012 native desktop experience to embedded developers. This post details some of the key updates to the experience. Run time updates We are porting Visual… Read more

Top 11 Reasons to Visit the Hilo Docs in the MSDN Library

Top 11 reasons to vist Developing an end-to-end Windows Store app using C++ and XAML: Hilo (Windows): Provides a practical example you can use to kickstart your Windows 8 modern app development. Async programming patterns and tips. Have fun with tiles and splash screens. Example of the repository pattern Page navigation! Working with the Using… Read more

Good Stuff on Channel 9

Looking for the C++ Good Stuff? Have you visited Channel 9 lately? Getting started with C++/3D/WinStore Game Dev with the “Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit” demonstrated several features of Visual Studio useful in game development. It contains the starting point for a basic Direct3D game for the Windows Store. Grab the kit itself at Rx… Read more

Announcing November CTP of the C++ compiler, now with more C++11

On February at the Going Native conference, we promised to work on implementing more parts of the C++11 standard. We also made a commitment to progressively roll out these features on a faster cadence through out-of-band releases such as CTPs (customer technology previews). We delivered! Today at Build 2012, Herb Sutter announced that we’re following through… Read more