Inside the C++/CX Design

Hello. This is Jim Springfield, an architect on the Visual C++ team. Today, I want to give some insight into the new language extensions, officially called C++/CX, which was designed to support the new API model in Windows 8. If you attended //BUILD/, watched some of the sessions online, or have been playing with the… Read more

C9 Lecture: C Runtime (CRT) Topics, by Mahmoud Saleh

In a recent Going Native episode in Channel 9, Charles (Torre) and I interviewed Mahmoud Saleh, the software engineer who keeps the C Runtime library. Now Mahmoud prepared for you a 1-hour lecture on some of the CRT topics like Memory leak detection (CRT debug heap). Unhandled exceptions. Assert and error reporting. CRT entry points…. Read more

Announcing Wrox’s Professional C++, 2nd Edition

Greetings! I’m Marc Gregoire, a Microsoft MVP VC++ since 2007, and I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve finished work on my book “Professional C++, Second Edition”. This second edition includes the latest C++ standard, C++11, and is based on the great first edition written by Nicholas A. Solter, Scott J. Kleper. The book is… Read more

C9::GoingNative 2: the Windows Runtime Library (WRL)

We’re back with the third installment of C9::GoingNative. At the recent //BUILD conference, we introduced a series of technologies targeting the upcoming version of the Windows platform. One of those consists in some extensions to the C++ language, intended to help developers bridge their C++ logic to the Windows Runtime (WinRT) environment. C++/CX (the name… Read more