Using different toolsets for vc build

Hi,   I am Olga Arkhipova and I am a VC IDE developer. I joined VC team about two years ago and inherited vc project and build system.  I’ve been using VC since VC2, so for me it is quite interesting to see and work on the code I’ve been using (or sometimes not using,… Read more

Just What Is This TR1 Thing?

Hi there. Rob Huyett here again. I’m an SDET on the VC Libraries team. One of the things I’ve been working on lately is the new TR1 add-on for Visual Studio 2008. When VS 2008 TR1 support was announced about a month ago, I’m sure that the reaction varied from “Woo-hoo! I can’t wait!” to… Read more

IntelliSense History, Part 1

Hello, this is Jim Springfield again.  I want to start explaining our plan to fundamentally change how IntelliSense and other code browsing features work for C/C++.  The recent GDR for VS2005 and the changes that went into VS2008 were significant, but they don’t really change how these features are implemented.  This post covers the history… Read more

How a program accesses functions

Hi, I’m Alan Chan and I am a developer on the Visual C++ libraries team.  We all know that a library is a collection of functions.  However, how does a program actually “access” these functions under the covers?  Essentially, there are 3 different ways that a function can be made available for the program to… Read more

Workflow of the IDE QA team

Hello everyone, I am Anca Miclea. I work as a SDET (QA) in the VC IDE team. This is my first post on VC blog and I would like to share with you how we test the IDE for VC++.   Yes, we do test the IDE and this is not an easy job ;) For… Read more