New VB XNA Sample – showing Xbox, Windows and Phone targetting

For all those who have started venturing into developing windows phone applications, there are quite a few samples utilizing Silverlight, but the XNA content has been a little bit light.     (We are working on getting some more XNA VB samples online).  But for those wanting to see a nice VB example of XNA development,  the Blackjack… Read more

Updated Samples for WP7 Developers

For those VB developers who are developing (or keen to start developing) for WIndows Phone 7.  The samples have been updated and as you’ll notice virtually all of them are in both C# and VB.      … Read more

New Async Programming Video’s

Some great new video’s on MSDN showing how to do async programming using the Async CTP. There are different versions of video’s for both VB and C#.    This is a great opportunity to see the power of the new Async languages featuresand follow through a series of examples showing how easy it is to… Read more

Temperature Monitoring using VB.Net, Micro-framework and a Netduino

  Introduction As a bit of a geek, I like to tinker with basic gadgets. I often think of little ideas that would be great to implement but the device involves some hardware and very little software. As a software engineer I tend to think in terms of simple programs to but in order to… Read more

Kinect SDK For PC – VB Samples available.

Today, Microsoft announced the Kinect SDK for PC    VB Samples are there at launch and available for downloading       … Read more