The Temple of VB (Matt Gertz)

Hi, all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted to this blog, and a lot has happened in my world since then.  Though I’ve been pretty busy on our engineering systems team, I took a little time off last summer to do some traveling and, more importantly, some long overdue writing.  Although I’d always enjoyed writing… Read more

VB XML Cookbook, Recipe 7: Enumerating Large XML Files (Doug Rothaus)

VB XML Cookbook, Recipe 7: Enumerating Large XML Files (Doug Rothaus) It’s been a while since I wrote one of these XML cookbook entries. Here’s some info on a common problem: Really big XML files. I’m going to show you two things in this recipe. The first is a tip on reading very large XML… Read more

Using HTML entities in XML Literals (Avner Aharoni)

One of the common use-cases of XML literals is creating HTML. However, HTML entities cannot be used in XML literals since LINQ to XML directly supports only the Data type definitions (DTD) defined in the XML 1.0 spec. You can read more about it here. The workaround is to use the Unicode representation of the… Read more

On The Blink (Matt Gertz)

One of the really fun things about being associated with the Visual Basic team is getting to see all of the varied usages to which our customers put it.  From enterprise software to games, our customer base covers a wide range.  The most fun to see, however, are the hobby applications, because the writers of… Read more

There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Euchre! (Matt Gertz)

“Oh, no!”  I hear you cry, “not another blog about Euchre!” Well, I do like the game, to be sure.  But, more importantly, the Euchre scenario enables me to try out any new technologies on a reasonably complex problem (using Visual Basic, of course).  It’s my way of checking out our product to make sure… Read more